Campus and Public Policy

EDUCAUSE Policy looks beyond what technology makes possible to address what is legal, appropriate, and ethical at the campus, state, federal, and international levels.

Campus Policy

The EDUCAUSE Campus Policy program serves as a community gathering place for campus policy discussions and is an advocate for and organizer of campus policy-related EDUCAUSE conference presentations and publications.

EDUCAUSE Policy staff and other collaborators work with the program to track issues of importance to campus policy and compliance and to help inform the community about the issues and their potential impact. Campus Policy efforts are informed by the Campus Policy Advisory Group.

In addition, EDUCAUSE provides support and develop content related to campus policy and compliance, including effective practices, FAQs, white papers, interviews, articles, presentations, etc. See more about campus policy resources in the EDUCAUSE Library.

The program engages:

  • Specialists in IT-related policy in higher education
  • Senior IT and other campus staff who find that IT policy development, implementation, or administration have become a substantial part of their jobs
  • Campus staff, generally outside of IT organizations, who are already involved in policy work where the scope of their work is growing to include IT-related policy issues
  • Individuals throughout higher education and related organizations who simply want to keep current with current thinking and problems in IT policy and law

Make the Case on Campus

How does your campus develop IT policy? Are you looking for ways to facilitate discussion and collaboration? Host your own workshop with the Making a Case for IT Policy event kit.

Public Policy

There are many challenging public policy issues that arise with respect to the use of the Internet and information and communication technologies. The sources of legislative and regulatory activities include international laws and treaties, federal laws and regulations, and state and local actions. EDUCAUSE Policy anticipates public policy issues by actively monitoring news sources, engaging with policymakers, and partnering with other advocacy organizations. EDUCAUSE Policy seeks to influence laws and regulations by participating in the legislative and regulatory process, primarily at the federal level but also at the international or state and local levels as issues warrant and resources permit. As IT leaders in U.S. higher education seek to understand public policy issues, it is useful to understand "The Policy Process Life Cycle" that typically involves the following stages: (1) discussion and debate; (2) political action; (3) legislative proposal; (4) law and regulation; and (5) compliance.