Campus Policy Advisory Group


The Campus Policy Advisory Group provides EDUCAUSE Policy leadership and staff with insights, input, and support for:

  • Establishing and maintaining the program’s campus IT policy and compliance agenda.
  • Identifying appropriate courses of action for fulfilling that agenda, including proposed projects as well as processes and participants for achieving them.
  • Engaging the EDUCAUSE and higher education communities to advance the state of campus IT policy and compliance.

The advisory group informs the development of new campus policy and compliance activities and projects; this may take place in short-term project teams, through consultants, or by EDUCAUSE Policy staff, among other options. This group is not intended to take on work itself, though members may volunteer to participate in or lead project work.

Terms and Participation

Members of the advisory group are expected to regularly participate. Participation includes:

  • Annual Planning Meeting (half-day or full-day)
  • Monthly Telephone Conferences
  • Discussion List

Member terms are staggered; they may make up one-, two-, or three-year terms. Members may be invited to a second term at EDUCAUSE’s discretion. The group is staffed by Karen Wetzel, Program Manager. Advisory group members include IT leaders, IT policy professionals, and non-IT representatives on an invite-only basis. In addition, EDUCAUSE Policy staff will be active participants in this group.

Campus IT Policy Workshop

December 5-6, 2012
San Diego, CA
A hands-on learning experience. Learn from seasoned practitioners using case studies and engaging activities focused on the importance of campus policy and how it impacts on IT services.