Community Engagement

Get involved with the higher education policy community through groups, discussion lists, and events.

EDUCAUSE Policy Groups

EDUCAUSE convenes a number of groups to help with their work. Membership is by appointment.

Campus Policy
Various working groups and project teams under the Campus Policy program provide support and develop content related to campus policy and compliance, including best practices, FAQs, articles, and more. The Campus Policy Advisory Group was formed in September 2012 to help guide EDUCAUSE efforts in this area. See also the Identity and Access Management Program Project Team that falls under the campus policy umbrella.

Government Relations for IT (GRIT)
This group of campus government relations officers and other higher education association staff serves as a forum to share information about developments in IT public policy at the state, federal, and international level.

Network Council
The Network Council is an appointed advisory body that considers policy issues that affect campus, regional, and national networks.

Discussion Lists

  • Policy-Discussion: Focuses on developing, maintaining, and enforcing campus technology policies, and on understanding the legal and ethical environment in which those policies exist.
  • Security: A forum for identifying problems and sharing strategies or solutions to improve the security of college and university computers and networks.
  • IDM: A forum for all topics related to identity and access management.

Higher Education
Compliance Alliance

This partnership of 20 national associations aggregates compliance news and resources from EDUCAUSE and other participating associations, government agencies, and relevant websites. The Higher Education Compliance Alliance website is designed to be a continuously updated resource for administrators and others on campus seeking to understand their compliance obligations.


Make the case on campus

How does your campus develop IT policy? Are you looking for ways to facilitate discussion and collaboration? Host your own workshop with the Making a Case for IT Policy event kit.