E-content Pilot Series

EDUCAUSE and Internet2 E-content Pilot Series

This series of pilots is intended to evaluate technologies and business models in the fast evolving migration from traditional textbooks to e-texts and digital learning resources. Our goal is to understand what is necessary for online materials to attain and surpass the effectiveness, accessibility, economy, and other relevant outcomes associated with traditional textbooks. Participants explore business models, terms, and conditions that make access to digital learning resources more flexible, economical, efficient, and simple for institutions and publishers alike.

Fall 2013 Pilot

The most recent opportunity for the higher education community to explore, evaluate, and advance the transition from traditional media models, including textbooks, to electronic platforms.


See the prospectus for links to the February and March 2013 informational webinar archives, slides, and chat transcript.

Read the March 6, 2013, InformationWeek article on the Fall 2013 Pilot.

Spring 2013 Pilot

Expands upon earlier efforts by offering three packages with different publishers, e-reader platforms, and licensing models.

Fall 2012 Pilot

More than 25 colleges and universities provided etexts to their students in partnership with McGraw-Hill Education and Courseload.

Spring 2012 Pilot: Research Report Available

The first multi-institutional e-text pilot with University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, Cornell University, and the University of Virginia

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