Volume 22 Number 3 1999

CAUSE/EFFECT is a practitioner's journal about managing and using information resources on college and university campuses. This printed issue of CAUSE/EFFECT is available through the EDUCAUSE Information Resources Library.

Campus Profile

University of California, San Diego

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The Geisel Library, named for Audrey S. and Theodor Seuss Geisel, was designed in the late 1960s and is located in the center of the University of California, San Diego, campus. Founded in 1960, UCSD is well known for its scientific research.

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The Advanced Scientific Visualization Laboratory at the San Diego Supercomputer Center helps researchers understand the phenomena they are studying and communicate their research results to colleagues and students.


From the Editor

Survey Finds EDUCAUSE Publications Well Received

Recommended Reading

Current Issues

Distance Learning and Copyright: Is a Solution in Sight?
by Laura N. Gasaway, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


Simultaneous Process Reengineering and System Replacement at Rice University
by Thomas J. Hochstettler, Barry P. McFarland, Andrea Martin, and Joseph A. Watters Jr., Rice University

The Catalyst Project: Supporting Faculty Uses of the Web...with the Web
by Mark Donovan and Scott Macklin, University of Washington

Discipline-Focused Technology Support Fosters Curriculum Innovation
by Andrea Nixon and Paula Lackie, Carleton College

Connecting Two Dichotomous Environments through Distance Learning Technologies
by Lynne M. Pachnowski, University of Akron

Research in Brief

The Impact on User Services of Merging Academic Libraries and Computing Services
by Steven Herro, St. Norbert College

Are Teacher Training and Compensation Keeping Up with Institutional Demands for Distance Learning?
by Gerald B. Dickinson, David M. Agnew, and Reita Gorman, Arkansas State University


Lessons from a Videoconferenced Course
by Ira Nayman

Y2K--No Time for Panic
by Daniel A. Updegrove, Yale University

Good Ideas

Campuswide Preparedness for Y2K at Georgetown University
by Christopher Megill, Georgetown University

Web Security Solutions: Central Authentication for Locally Developed Applications
by Noam Arzt and Daryl Chertcoff, University of Pennsylvania

An Online Teaching and Learning Environment at Indiana University
by Garland C. Elmore, Indiana University