August 1998

Learning, Communications
and Information Technology

Educom Review explores the changing ways we will work, learn, and communicate in the digital world of the 21st century. The accelerating pace of development in computer and communications technology is transforming education. Educom Review monitors those developments along with related issues in management, planning, law, and policy.

An EDUCAUSE publication

Is There an IT Consultant in the House?
Higher education's appetite for technical assistance shows no sign of abating.
by Martin Ringle

Distance Learning and the Digital Library
Or, what happens when the virtual student needs to use the virtual library in a virtual university.
by Judy Luther

Message from India
New Trends in educational technology.
by J.G. Krishnayya

Thoughts from our readers.

Information technology news.

New and Noteworthy
Blur: the speed of change in the connected economy.

The Three Rs: Railing, Writhing, and Recrimination
by Robert C. Heterick, Jr.

Jim Williams
Librarians in the Cyber Age

Dan Okrant
Time, Inc.'s New Media Man

Reconstructing Minimalism
From Reconstructing Minimalism: Beyond the Nrnberg Funnel.
edited by John M. Carroll

Legal and Social Issues
Related to Multimedia

From Theoretical Foundations of Multimedia.
by Richard S. Tannenbaum