Educom Review table of contents

May/June 1999

Learning, Communications
and Information Technology

Educom Review explores the changing ways we will work, learn, and communicate in the digital world of the 21st century. The accelerating pace of development in computer and communications technology is transforming education. Educom Review monitors those developments along with related issues in management, planning, law, and policy.
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The Diversity Myth
Multiculturalism is a trivial pursuit on the Net.
by Lowell Monke

Teaching as a Social Process
Relax: No amount of automation can replace the primary social function of the teacher.
by Peter J. Denning

Jefferson's Laptop
Musings on user interfaces for universal creativity.
by Ben Shneiderman

Studying Today to Envision Tomorrow
The future of enterprise academic computing systems.
by Matthew Pittinsky

New Bottles for Old Wine
California State University initiates an electronic core journals collection.
by Leigh Watson Healy


A summary of information technology in the news

New & Noteworthy
Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy


Talking with Don Norman


Out of the Loop and into the Breach
9 Easy Steps to Your Career as a Visionary.
by John Gehl

Michael Barnsley: The Poetry of Data Compression
Fractals and the Big Picture.
by Arnold Davis

Japanese Culture Meets Online Education
Bridging the psychological gap.
by Steve McCarty

Free Speech and the Public Academy
What privileges should a professor in a public academy enjoy speaking in a public forum or on the Net?
by Edmund B. Burke

Developing the Neccessary Infrastructure
Building support for distributed learning environments.
by Brian L. Hawkins