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Mike Meyer (University of Hawaii Honolulu Community College)

Mike Meyer

Honolulu, Hawaii

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Mike Meyer has over thirty-five years' experience in technology services, engineering management, and product development. This included twenty-three years with Time Warner Cable managing new media in cable television culminating in the launch of broadband Internet services for Hawaii. The next twelve years were spent as an Internet entrepreneur building startups for e-commerce, web applications, digital media and one of the first cloud computing companies in Hawaii. With a strong focus on education, the result of forty years in various faculty positions with the University of Hawaii system, he has been involved in the development of educational technology, online courses and programs in history, business technology, and Information Technology. Currently he is Chief Information Officer for Honolulu Community College University of Hawaii to build a fully integrated virtual campus for career and technical education.

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  • EDUCAUSE Face-to-Face Annual Conference 2015, 10/29/2015