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All 2015 survey data are available now, including Core Metrics and Modules 1-8.

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Use Data to Analyze Your IT Environment

CDS Reporting is a self-service tool that enables institutions to create custom peer groups of other institutions, interact with data in dashboards and graphs, and review IT core metrics on IT staffing, funding, and services. 2015 data is released in CDS Reporting on a module-by-module basis.

You can use this data to benchmark your IT organization against your peers, make the case for additional resources, evaluate your organizational structure and governance, or calibrate or justify performance.

Access Data in CDS Reporting

CDS Reporting provides dashboards that display data from CDS survey questions. The Core Metrics dashboard contains the most frequently used metrics for IT strategic management and planning. Additional dashboards group questions by topic for easy comparison.

  1. Click any graph to open a detailed report containing exportable graphs and data tables with 2013, 2014, and 2015 data.
  2. Download data to a spreadsheet. You have the option to download by question or module so you can analyze data in your own application.
  3. Compare your data with others' using pre-built peer groups, or create your own custom peer groups. Applying a peer group will adjust the dashboards and detailed reports to display data for the peer group you've selected.

To map questions from previous survey years to spreadsheet column headings for this year's survey, use the Visual Data Dictionary for 2015 data. This PDF file is also included in each data download.


Benchmarking Basics

Using metrics to benchmark higher education IT financials, staffing, and services can add value by informing and reinforcing the decision-making process. Learn how:

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You can manage permissions and roles and access data in the new CDS portal. Select the button below to login and get started.

Access to data in CDS Reporting is restricted to individuals at participating institutions who have been granted CDS permissions. To gain access, contact your institution's CDS administrator, or e-mail

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