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What Is the Portal?

The CDS Portal is the online tool you use to participate in the Core Data Service.

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How You Participate

CDS Data: Contribute, Analyze, Use

  • Contribute Data — Eligible institutions contribute data through the annual survey, which is organized by a set of IT domains.

  • Analyze Data — Once survey data is added to the CDS Portal, participants create custom peer groups and view identifiable data in various formats.

  • Use Data — All EDUCAUSE members have access to reports and data almanacs. Participants use the data to benchmark their organizations and compare to peers.

Steps You Complete

CDS Administrators: You will lead your institutional team through these steps during the annual cycle.


Update your EDUCAUSE contact information and subscribe to CDS Update

In mid-July, EDUCAUSE primary representatives at eligible institutions receive invitations to complete the CDS survey. Review your EDUCAUSE profile to ensure your contact information is correct.

EDUCAUSE also sends e-mails with information on benchmarking, survey participation tips and resources, and analyses of CDS data. Log in to manage your subscriptions and opt-in to CDS Update.

Assign a CDS manager to coordinate your institution's participation

The point person may be the institution's EDUCAUSE Primary Representative, or the Primary Representative may assign a CDS manager in the CDS Portal.

Review topics and choose the modules your institution will complete

See 2017 module questions. When you've decided, indicate your intent to participate in each module by checking the "My institution plans to complete this survey" checkbox on the Add Data page within the CDS Portal.

Assign data entry roles

CDS Administrators (Primary Representatives and CDS managers) can assign the author role for specific modules to colleagues. If your institution participated in the 2016 survey, role assignments will be the same as in 2016 and can be changed at any time.

Prepare authors for data entry

Before they begin, share these resources:

Accept the Appropriate Use Policy

The Primary Representative or CDS manager must accept the Appropriate Use Policy (AUP) on behalf of the institution or system office before data entry can begin. Primary representatives and CDS managers will be prompted to review and accept the AUP when they log in for data entry.

Add data

Eligible institutions use the CDS portal to add data in the survey. The 2017 survey is open July 17 through October 13.

Create custom peer groups and invite peers to participate

Create peer groups (demographic, geographic, or aspirational) for CDS reports. Use the peer comparisons to know how other institutions manage services and staff their IT organizations. If you'd like to add an institution to your group that is not yet participating, send them a message


Assign data reviewer roles

Primary Representatives and CDS managers can assign the reviewer role to authorize an individual to view peer data for any modules your institution has completed.

Access data

View data for the modules your institution completed. Your CDS Portal options include: Data Download and Quick Stats. Digital Capabilities reports are available to CDS-participating EDUCAUSE member institutions.  


Use your data

Review data use cases. Read how using metrics to benchmark your IT organization can inform all kinds of decisions. 

Who Can Access the Portal?

Individuals at participating institutions who have been assigned CDS roles can access CDS data. To gain access, contact your CDS administrator, or contact us.


New Survey Guide

Check it out! Experienced CDS users explain how you can most efficiently complete the required "IT Organization, Staffing, and Financing" module.

2017 Timeline

  • February-July: 2016 data, reports released

  • July 18: Survey opens

  • October 13: Survey deadline

  • January 2018: 2017 data, reports released

2017 Survey Modules

Select .pdf to view questions. Select .xls for a question assignment spreadsheet you can use to delegate data gathering.

  • All CDS 2017 modules .pdf



  • IT Support Services  .pdf | .xls

  • Research Computing  .pdf | .xls

  • Information Systems and Applications .pdf | .xls

  • Capability and Technology Deployment  .pdf | .xls

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