TOP 10 IT ISSUES: 2015

What are the top information technology–related issues facing higher education this year? Based on input from the EDUCAUSE IT Issues Panel, this annual top 10 list covers the most important technology issues, problems, and proposals that CIOs and IT leaders are considering in 2015. IT and higher education leaders use this top 10 list to calibrate their IT-related activities and inform their strategic planning.

The following list initially depicts the overall rank order of the 2015 top 10 IT issues. The Carnegie Classification, control, and FTE filters below can be used to customize the list to represent the top 10 issues at a subset of institutions. For more information about the EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT issues visit the project hub.


Carnegie Classification:

* Note: A data set of fewer than 15 institutions is not likely to be a representative sample. If deselecting a category would result in a ranking by fewer than 15 institutions, the corresponding button will be disabled.


Increase in rank compared to overall U.S. list