Volume 21 Number 3, 1998

Colby College classroom

Campus Profile

Colby College
On the cover: Colby College�s 714-acre campus, located in Waterville, Maine, can be identified by its Georgian architecture. The entire campus is a Maine Game Preserve and Wildlife Management Area.
Photo by Dean Abramson.
Above: Colby recently adopted a dual-platform standard, supporting both Windows and Macintosh environments. Approximately 80 percent of Colby students own computers, many of which are laptops.


From the Editor

Readers Respond
Service Level Agreements

Current Issues

Why Policy Matters
by Polley Ann McClure, University of Virginia

Considering Thin Client Computing for Higher Education
by Mark Sheehan, Montana State University


Perspectives on Higher Education in the Global Market
Sir John Daniel, Governor Michael Leavitt, and Governor Roy Romer, interviewed by Polley Ann McClure, University of Virginia

Assessing the New Competitive Landscape
by Harvey Blustain, Phillip Goldstein, and Gregory Lozier, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Linking Strategic Planning with Program Implementation for Distance Education
by Zane L. Berge, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and Lynne Schrum, University of Georgia

Changing (Almost) Everything and Keeping (Almost) Everyone Happy
by Craig A. Stewart, Douglas Grover, and R. David Vernon, Indiana University


Enterprise Network Management: Solutions are Needed!
by James S. Cross, Michigan Technological University

Should Colleges and Universities Require Students to Own Their Own Computers
by Kathryn F. Gates, University of Mississippi

Browser-Based Class Evaluations
by James Hefferon, Saint Michael's College