2022 Students and Technology Report: Rebalancing the Student Experience

Recommendations for Institutional Leaders

  • Investigate how educational technology at your institution is both supporting students and creating stress or other barriers for them, and expand your institution's efforts to support device access beyond meeting minimum requirements. You can find support for digital learning transformation in the EDUCAUSE Institutes for Digital Learning Leaders and Digital Learning Innovators.
  • Discontinue support initiatives that are not being used by students, and develop new programs that meet new needs. Here are some EDUCAUSE Learning Labs that support the design of innovative programs:
  • Engage in conversation with faculty and staff to redefine instructional modalities and disrupt the "face-to-face versus online" dichotomy. Consider ways to promote meaningful social engagements and account for students' needs and preferences in all modalities. Ideas for action can be found in the 2022 Horizon Action Plan: Hybrid Learning. If you're developing HyFlex instruction at your institution, take a look at the EDUCAUSE Learning Lab for Designing Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) Courses to Support Multimodal Learning Environments.
  • Proactively offer assistive technology to all students.
  • Ask your students how they define a successful experience at your institution so that you can support more than just degree completion, and evaluate institutional policies and practices to determine which ones are helping students succeed and which ones are acting as barriers to success. Integrate students' ideas when you create new support programs.

EDUCAUSE Professional Pathways

EDUCAUSE offers Professional Pathways to help you chart the way forward, spanning job roles in information security, information technology, innovation, and teaching and learning. As you continue to explore the new normal for your students, you can find professional learning resources in the Teaching and Learning Pathway and the Innovation Pathway.