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Stay up-to-date, learn more, and make better decisions through research and publications about the challenges and opportunities in higher education IT.


Issues, Technologies, and Trends

Know what’s important and where to focus with Top 10 IT Issues; ELI Key Issues in Teaching and Learning; Strategic Technologies and Trends; and Horizon Report

Research to Inform Decision Making

EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research

Gartner Research Reports (available to EDUCAUSE member learning institutions)

Assessment and Benchmarking Tools

Learning Space Rating System
Measure how classroom design supports and enables active learning

Information Security Program Assessment Tool
Evaluate the maturity of your information security program

Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool
Assess cloud vendors for security and privacy needs

IT Risk Register
Identify common risks to support your strategic IT risk-management program

Technology Research in the Academic Community
Track student and faculty technology needs and experiences

Core Data Service
Compare peer and aspirant data for IT financials, staffing, and services; measure technical and cultural capability for digital initiatives


Learn about the changing models of education

Game Changers inspires us to rethink the rules of education and information technologies. Presidents from many institutions wrote about how they're rethinking the rules in different ways, including student empowerment, self-directed learning, and prior learning assessment. Learn about the principles behind the models and gain inspiration from the case studies.

Research critical IT topics

EDUCAUSE helps you conduct research on topics of interest to you and your organization and find valuable information to support and inform decisions.

EDUCAUSE Library—An international repository for information concerning the use and management of information technology in higher education, aggregating over 24,000 resources.

Take a broad look at current trends

EDUCAUSE publications explore current issues, emerging trends, and the management of information technology, as well as how IT affects institutions, higher education and society.

EDUCAUSE Review—Award-winning magazine for the higher education IT community
eBooks—Thought leadership on the impact of information technology in higher education
Multimedia—Conversations with community experts on effective practices
7 Things You Should Know About—Essential information on emerging technologies and practices