Connect with your peers and find solutions.

EDUCAUSE Community Groups (CGs) are open, online communities led by members where you can share your ideas and expertise, find solutions to pressing issues you're facing, and explore common interests with your peers.

Coming Soon: A New Community Platform

In addition to exchanging ideas over email, soon you'll have access to new features and functions that enable you to more easily network, connect with peers, find and share ideas and resources, and more through our new community platform—EDUCAUSE Connect. EDUCAUSE Connect is scheduled to officially launch on September 28 and will replace our current email list system.

For now, you can continue to use EDUCAUSE Community Groups as usual, but make sure you have an EDUCAUSE Profile, as you'll need one to access the new platform. Think you already have a profile or have questions? Visit our frequently asked questions for helpful tips!

Also, if you subscribe to one or more of the Community Groups below, please use your EDUCAUSE Profile email address, as it will be required to log in to EDUCAUSE Connect.

Additional Details and Important Dates

  • If you haven't created an EDUCAUSE Profile yet or if you use multiple email addresses to manage your EDUCAUSE Profile and Community Group subscriptions, please complete these steps by September 22 to continue to receive email notifications from your CG(s) and maintain your current subscriptions in the new platform.

  • On September 23, a blackout period will begin for new CG subscriptions via the current email list system.

  • On September 27, CG communication via the current email list system will close.

  • On September 28, everyone with an EDUCAUSE Profile will start receiving their community group emails from the new platform and can log in and use all of the features of EDUCAUSE Connect. Be sure to add our new platform email domain to your safe senders list so that emails from the platform reach your inbox:

  • Several Community Groups have volunteered to participate in the early adopters phase of EDUCAUSE Connect. If you don’t see a Join/Leave button below, click into the group to navigate to its new community space on EDUCAUSE Connect.

To stay informed about this exciting new platform, subscribe to EDUCAUSE Announcement email communications. For a sneak peek of EDUCAUSE Connect, visit our webpage.

Have Questions?
If you have questions or need help finding CG-related resources, please contact us at [email protected].

Please note: Postings to community groups are indexed and archived on the EDUCAUSE website in a publicly searchable format, in keeping with the association's commitment to open sharing of ideas, issues, and practices involving information technology in higher education. This allows quick review of past discussions; it also makes postings accessible via Internet search engines.


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