Volunteer Opportunities

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Make an Impact on Higher Education

Participating in volunteer opportunities with EDUCAUSE allows you to use your skills and knowledge beyond your organization to make a positive impact on the higher education community and profession. Get involved today to demonstrate your expertise, make connections, and contribute to helping higher education professionals advance their knowledge and careers.

What Opportunities Are Available?

There are many ways you can volunteer through EDUCAUSE. Explore the opportunities available below.

EDUCAUSE Community Groups (CGs) are online communities where higher education professionals learn from and network with each other around shared topics and interests. Groups interact throughout the year via online discussion forums found on the EDUCAUSE Connect platform and virtual meetings, and many meet in-person at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.

CGs are driven by participant interest and energy, facilitated by volunteer CG leaders, and governed in partnership between EDUCAUSE staff and the CG Leader Committee. Get involved by joining a CG of interest through EDUCAUSE Connect.

Can't find a group that meets your needs? You can request to establish a new CG by filling out this form. EDUCAUSE staff will review your request before approving the group. If your proposed group is approved, we will provide you with tools to support you as a CG Leader. Learn more about EDUCAUSE Community Groups.

EDUCAUSE Working Groups are a great way to work closely with peers from a variety of institutions to address challenges and help the higher education community prepare for the future. As a group, you can define solutions and create useful resources that address leading technology topics such as cybersecurity, privacy, cyberinfrastructure, data and analytics, IT services and management, student success, and workforce. Learn more about joining or forming a Working Group.

Member committees comprise volunteers who provide input and direction to EDUCAUSE programs and fall into two categories: Advisory Committees contribute to particular activities and guide association strategies in various areas and Program Committees develop content for specific conferences. Learn more about available committees and how to apply to serve on one.

EDUCAUSE hosts several signature conferences and events each year, and as part of the program development for each event, we recruit volunteers to review event proposals. Proposal reviewers spend a few hours during a dedicated time frame to read, rate, and recommend conference session proposals via an online assessment tool. Benefits of being a proposal reviewer include:

  • Earning an EDUCAUSE microcredential
  • Developing a keen understanding of how sessions are rated and how to best prepare your own proposal for an EDUCAUSE event
  • Influencing conference content, ensuring it’s meaningful, timely, and relevant to the community

If interested in becoming an event proposal reviewer, please complete this form.

Would you like to submit a proposal to present at an EDUCAUSE event? Log in or create a profile to subscribe to our emails. For each event, we’ll contact our community when the call for proposals is live.

EDUCAUSE is powered by the thought leadership of our community. We encourage content submissions from the doers, strategic thinkers, and innovators in higher education. Do you have expertise or ideas to share? You can:

The EDUCAUSE Ambassador Program helps EDUCAUSE member institutions get the most out of their membership. Ambassadors spend 2 to 4 hours per month learning about available resources and engaging colleagues with tools, resources, and discounts beneficial to their roles. As an EDUCAUSE Ambassador, you can grow your network and positively impact your institution. Please visit the EDUCAUSE Ambassador Program to learn more and apply.

"The opportunity to participate formally and informally in EDUCAUSE has been a great value to my career and has connected me to a wonderful and talented set of colleagues who I can turn to for any type of advice and recommendation."

—Chris Boniforti, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, Lynn University