EDUCAUSE is committed to providing opportunities for our members to engage, connect and create community. According to the EDUCAUSE Mentoring in Higher Education, 2019 report, 71% of mentors and 86% of mentees shared that mentoring impacted their professional development. EDUCAUSE is committed to supporting our community with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.


EDUCAUSE Mentoring Opportunities

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  • 1:1 Mentoring

    One-to-one online mentoring is designed to help you develop and achieve your personal and professional goals. This program will help mentees find and connect with an appropriate mentor, to provide guidance, support, and growth in a safe environment.

    Whether you are engaging in a longer term mentoring engagement, or connecting for just-in-time mentoring, you have the ability to select the relationship that works best for your needs.

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  • Mentoring Circles

    Looking for a way to network while building key skills? The Mentoring Circles program is where you can find a virtual, peer-run mentoring group on topics and skills important to your unique learning needs. This is a great place for the EDUCAUSE Community Groups and members to connect and share best practices and tips for success. Mentoring circles provide an opportunity to engage with colleagues and gain the support needed for success.

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  • ID2ID

    The ID2ID is a partnership program between Penn State University and EDUCAUSE that provides instructional designers an opportunity to engage a community of colleagues across higher education institutions that share the same passion for advancing teaching and learning. Learn more→


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