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Data, benchmarking, and insights.

EDUCAUSE Analytics Services consist of three tools—the Core Data Service (CDS), Technology Solutions Market Dashboard (TSMD), and Faculty and Student User Surveys—which provide data, benchmarking, and insights on technology practice and use in higher education.

By using these services, you can identify peer institutions, research common technology solutions, benchmark resources, and gain insight on student and faculty technology use.

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Core Data Service (CDS)

The EDUCAUSE Core Data Service helps you identify practical ranges for budgets, staffing, services, and emerging technologies by benchmarking against your peers' resource allocations.

How it works:

  • EDUCAUSE will send emails to the individuals who are designated as your organization's CDS manager(s), informing them that the CDS survey is open for completion. The survey is open from September to December.* (You can view the CDS survey questions ahead of time here.)
  • Your CDS managers and/or authors will input your organization's budget and staffing data into the survey via the Analytics Services portal.
  • Within the portal, you can define your peer group and discover how your staffing, services, and technology spending compare to peer institutions.
  • From there, you can combine your survey data with over 40 institutional characteristics from IPEDS for a deeper dive into the data.
  • Have more questions? See our FAQs.

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See the Data in Action

Central IT spend as a percentage of institutional expenditures (2022). Community colleges: 4.8-8.0% | Bachelor's institutions: 3.7-5.7% | Private master's institutions: 3.8-6.4% | Public masters institutions: 3.4-5.9% | Private doctoral institutions: 3.5-6.0% | Public doctoral institutions: 2.6-4.3%.

"We were challenged to communicate the impact of growth on limited resources. We used EDUCAUSE data to compare our IT spend to spending at peer institutions with similar service portfolios."

— CFO at a medium-sized private research university

Visit the CDS Interactive Almanac to view examples of CDS data in action.

* CDS is an EDUCAUSE member only resource. Nonmember institutions may opt to pay $1,500 to complete the CDS survey during the survey open period. Any institution that did not complete the CDS survey during the survey open period may opt to pay a fee to complete the survey off-cycle and gain access to data. Contact us to learn more about membership.

Technology Solutions Market Dashboard (TSMD)

The Technology Solutions Market Dashboard helps you identify technology solutions used by other institutions, shows you deployment details, and connects you with peers who are using solutions you’re interested in.

How it works:

  • Log in to the TSMD at any time during the year to complete your organization's Technology Profile and share the solutions you’re using across several categories.
  • You can then define your peer group, view the solutions that other institutions are using along with their deployment details, and contact those that you want to learn more from.
  • Have more questions? See our FAQs.

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See the Data in Action

Title: ERP Finance System | A system or software to manage a variety of financial functions including procurement, accounting and budget management. Box divided into smaller boxes sized by percentage of total, showing the percentage of respondents using each system.

"Before selecting a new BI/Reporting tool, I was able to use the Analytics Services Portal to identify schools of a similar size who were using the solutions we were considering. Being able to reach out to similar schools and ask them about their lessons learned made all the difference in our selection process."

— IT director at a large community college

Student and Faculty User Surveys

This set of EDUCAUSE data helps you uncover gaps in student and faculty technology experiences.

How it works:

  • Login to the Analytics Services Portal to sign up for the surveys and get access to the survey instruments. It’s free! (You can view the student and faculty survey questions ahead of time here.)
  • Get the resources you need to administer the surveys including, an IRB exemption.
  • You may administer the surveys across your campus anytime between March and December each year.
  • Within the portal, you will be able to access your survey results as they come in, in real time.
  • You can also learn more about your users on many dimensions, including:
    • Teaching and learning experiences across modalities
    • Teaching and learning modality preferences
    • Instructional support needed for teaching across modalities
    • Experiences and satisfaction with technology and IT services
    • Accessibility and accommodations
    • Student belonging
  • Have more questions? See our FAQs.

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See the Data in Action

Question: How important are the following instructional supports for your teaching?  Percentage of respondents who rated supports as important or very important (N=931-965): Instructional | Adequate prep time: 92%; Design support: 68%. Technological | Online instructional technology: 76%; On-campus instructional technology: 69%. Networking | With faculty in my discipline at my institution: 71%; With faculty teaching in the same modality at my institution: 69%.

"We were hearing that some students didn’t have access to reliable technology. We used the EDUCAUSE student survey to identify the challenges our students were experiencing so that we could develop strategies to address them."

— Center for Teaching and Learning Director, mid-sized master's institution

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