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Data, benchmarking, and insight.

EDUCAUSE Analytics Services provides higher education leaders with insight on peer institutions and benchmarks through our Core Data Service (CDS), peer technology solution use through our Technology Solutions Market Dashboard, and on student and faculty technology practice and use through our Faculty and Student User Surveys.

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Key Questions Our Data Helps You Answer

Who are my technology peers?

EDUCAUSE data helps you identify institutions with similar student populations, service portfolios, and resources.

"Our university hospital adds a lot of complexity to our IT structure. It really helps to learn about how others manage this complexity. The Analytics Services Portal helped me to identify and connect with other, similarly resourced institutions with a hospital."

— CIO at a private research institution

How do my resources compare?

EDUCAUSE data helps you identify practical ranges for budgets and staffing by benchmarking against your peers' resource allocations.

"We were challenged to communicate the impact of growth on limited resources. We used EDUCAUSE data to compare our IT spend to spending at peer institutions with similar service portfolios."

— CFO at a medium-sized private research university

See the data in action

What technology solutions are available?

Title: ERP Finance System | A system or software to manage a variety of financial functions including procurement, accounting and budget management. Box divided into smaller boxes sized by percentage of total, showing the percentage of respondents using each system. 
EDUCAUSE data helps you identify technology solutions used by similar institutions.

"Before selecting a new BI/Reporting tool, I was able to use the Analytics Services Portal to identify schools of a similar size who were using the solutions we were considering. Being able to reach out to similar schools and ask them about their lessons learned made all the difference in our selection process."

— IT director at a large community college

What are my students experiencing?

Who does not have reliable connections? 36% of students have connection issues at least sometimes. 42% of students who live on campus struggle sometimes, often, or always. Students who do not have stable housing struggle the most with internet connection. 
EDUCAUSE data helps you uncover gaps in student technology experiences.

"We were hearing that some students didn’t have access to reliable technology. We used the EDUCAUSE student survey to identify the challenges our students were experiencing so that we could develop strategies to address them."

— Center for Teaching and Learning Director, mid-sized master's institution

How to Get Started

Contribute data to gain access to data. The Analytics Services Portal contains resources and everything you need to add and analyze data.

Contribute data through the… At… To… When…
Institutional profile Any time Create peer groups Any time
Core Data Service survey Sept - Dec (free for members)
Jan - Jun (fee-based)
Benchmark resources Jan - Nov
Student Survey Mar - Dec Analyze user experiences Mar - Dec
Faculty Survey Mar - Dec Analyze user experiences Mar - Dec
Technology profile Any time Find technology solutions Any time

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Our Data Access Model

EDUCAUSE Members Nonmember Institutions Corporations/Other Organizations

* Nonmember institutions may opt to pay $1500 to complete the CDS survey during the survey open period. Any institution that did not complete the CDS survey during the survey open period may opt to pay a fee to complete the survey off-cycle and gain access to data.

** Individuals without access to data in the Portal can get access to data summaries through our custom analytics offering. Fees start at $230/hour, but may vary based on the request.

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Custom peer group creation FREE FREE No access
Core Data Service* FREE/$ $ No access
Student Survey Data FREE FREE No access
Technology Solutions Market Dashboard FREE FREE No access
Custom Analytics** $ $ $