The Higher Education IT Service Catalog: A Working Model for Comparison and Collaboration, Second Edition

Conclusion and Authors


This second edition of a model IT service catalog provides higher education institutions with a framework on which to base their own service catalogs. It also provides a language to enhance understanding between service providers and their constituencies and facilitate collaboration between higher education institutions. For some institutions, the model presented here might serve as a starting place for the first-time implementation of a new catalog, while for others it might be a useful guide when updating or improving an existing catalog. Institutions will need to carefully review their own services and audiences to determine whether any adjustments of this model need to be made to meet local needs.

Beyond this, however, the catalog also can be useful in establishing a framework for exploration and identification of shared service opportunities. By establishing a common language for institutions to use in their service catalogs, this model will hopefully lead to greater collaboration and cooperation and enable benchmarking and comparisons across institutions.

Finally, as an important tool in making IT services visible and useful for the higher education community, the IT service catalog might bring with it organizational change as institutions become more customer and user focused. Developing a complete and useful catalog is an iterative process that requires continuous process improvement; future updates to this model will likely be necessary and will rely on input from the community regarding what works, what needs work, and new directions that should be taken. The EDUCAUSE ITSM Community Group is a great place to share your experiences with the catalog and provide support to others who might have questions.


The IT Service Catalog Revision Working Group that wrote this report includes the following members:

Tamara Adižes Jacobs (Working Group Co-Chair)
Senior Business Analyst
University of Toronto

Angela Chauncey
Associate Director
Kansas State University

Marie DiRuzza
Director, Campus Technology and Media Services
Mount Holyoke College

Christopher Eagle (Working Group Co-Chair)
IT Strategist and Enterprise Architect
University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

Megan Hartz
Associate Director
University of Missouri

Melissa Kramer Cresswell
Director of Client Engagement and Planning
Bryn Mawr College

Corey Liss
Service Delivery Manager
University of Chicago

Anita Nichols
Director of Client Success
University of California, Davis

Mitchell Pautz
IT Service Management Analyst
University of Southern California

Patricia A. Riether
Assistant Director, Service Management and Communications
Carnegie Mellon University

Kathryn Rose
Senior Director IT Strategy, Planning & Architecture
University of Notre Dame

Elizabeth Rugg
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Client Engagement
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Sarah Topham
Process & Business Analyst
Rochester Institute of Technology

Karen Warren
Deputy CIO
Wesleyan University