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The word protégé or mentee is used to refer to the person who is being mentored. In this site, we will use the word mentee. The focus of mentoring is on the mentee's career and psychosocial needs.



Mentoring as a Professional Development Tool

(EDUCAUSE Podcast)
Learn all about effective mentoring and the ways it can boost your career, whether you are a mentor or a mentee. Having a person to bounce off ideas and to give advice is an invaluable tool in sharpening one's skills. In this podcast we hear about one such relationship and share resources on getting started finding a mentor or becoming one.



Benefits of Mentoring

Research on mentoring stretches back to the early 1980s. While there are differences in the way mentoring has been defined in these research studies, the overall findings are fairly consistent over the span of years. Research has documented the following benefits of career mentoring relationships:

  • Enhanced career development and advancement of the mentee
  • Enhanced compensation for the mentee
  • Enhanced career satisfaction for both the mentee and the mentor
  • Increased managerial productivity for those who are mentees
  • Increased employee retention for the mentee