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Meet Our Corporate Partners

The EDUCAUSE Corporate Partners below have shown their significant support of higher education and our vision to inspire the transformation of higher education in service to a greater good.

With these partners, EDUCAUSE is working to strengthen the collaboration between private industry and higher education institutions—and evolve the higher education technology market.

Visit their profiles to learn more about them and what they'll be doing with us in 2024, and stay tuned for additional partners throughout the year!

Become a Partner

The new Corporate Engagement Program is a member-only program that offers packages that are custom-built around your goals and objectives—designed to allow more meaningful connections with our institutional community, not only at our signature in-person events but also through online opportunities year-round. If your company is interested in becoming a partner, contact our corporate team today.

EDUCAUSE Mission Partner 2024 

Mission Partners

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon Web Services is on a mission to create a world where education is always available, personal, and lifelong for everyone. Working across the education community, including learners, educators, researchers, and technology providers, we offer highly scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud solutions and services designed to propel education forward.

    Through our Mission Partnership with EDUCAUSE, AWS is committed to helping higher education prepare for the future. We proudly support convenings and research that contribute to the community’s ability to effectively address AI.

    Contact us at Amazon Web Services to learn how our innovative tools, cloud education programs, and third-party education technology solutions that rely on AWS can help you with your biggest IT challenges.

  • CDW Education

  • Technology is transforming the higher education landscape, demanding institutions adopt innovative solutions to cultivate engaged students, resilient campuses, and maintain a competitive edge. CDW is uncompromising in our mission to deliver top-tier tech solutions tailored for colleges and universities. With over 40 years of expertise across areas like IT services, infrastructure, cybersecurity, modern learning environments, and beyond, we partner with institutions nationwide to design, orchestrate, and manage customized services that drive key outcomes.

    Through our Mission Partnership with EDUCAUSE, CDW showcases leading practices and success stories from our campus partners across the higher education landscape. Successful IT initiatives include those that focus on boosting student engagement by adopting a robust CRM and centralizing data for better analytics, increasing retention via modernized learning spaces, and providing a frictionless campus experience. They also cultivate resilient workplaces through staff augmentation and implementing strategies for AI readiness, cyber preparedness and resilience, and campus-wide data integrity. Our commitment to the long-term success and resilience of higher education is unwavering and you can find out more about CDW here.

    Subscribe to our Higher Ed Tech Insights for CDW's latest proprietary research and expert analysis on the technology challenges higher education IT leaders face.

  • Ellucian

  • Ellucian puts students at the heart of everything it does, powering innovation for higher education by partnering with more than 2,900 higher education customers across 50 countries, serving 22 million students. The Ellucian platform features best-in-class SaaS capabilities that span the entire student lifecycle, including data-rich tools for student recruitment, enrollment, and retention to workforce analytics, fundraising, and alumni engagement.

    As an EDUCAUSE Mission Partner, Ellucian is proud to contribute industry expertise on the future of teaching and learning by participating in the Horizon Report research and other thought leadership opportunities. We also look forward to gathering community feedback through focus group research.

    Visit to learn more about how our innovative solutions, vast ecosystem of partners and user community of more than 45,000 provides best practices leading to greater institutional success and achieving better student outcomes.

  • Gartner

  • We help institutions make faster, smarter decisions that impact student outcomes. We support our higher education clients to become enablers of student outcomes and achieve their broader institutional mission through digital transformation, innovation, and technology optimization.

    Our Mission Partnership with EDUCAUSE enables us to connect our unbiased, rigorously vetted, and vendor-agnostic guidance with the EDUCAUSE community. Gartner experts contribute proudly to the EDUCAUSE Top 10 research, EDUCAUSE executive career coaching, and online and face-to-face events. Gartner’s actionable, objective research is also available to EDUCAUSE members through the EDUCAUSE Showcases Series and EDUCAUSE Institute Programs.

    Learn more about how you can make mission-critical decisions with guidance put into practice by visiting our website.

  • Jenzabar

  • Lenovo

  • In the landscape of modern education, where every corner of a campus pulsates with potential, Lenovo stands as a beacon of innovation and connectivity. Our vision extends beyond products to address critical educational challenges with intelligently designed spaces that foster discovery, enable seamless learning experiences, and increase access to promote smarter technology for all.

    Embracing the educational journey’s strategic complexity, Lenovo’s solutions reimagine the very concept of learning environments and help transform the campus and student experience, whether in academic, athletic, residential, or social spaces. We help institutions harness the power of AI to ensure that each space, whether a high-tech lab or a virtual classroom, is a catalyst for creativity and collaboration. We recognize the hurdles—reviving student engagement, supporting educators, and fortifying against cybersecurity risks.

    We are excited to announce our partnership with EDUCAUSE, aimed at enriching the institutional community with the latest technological advancements and support. This collaboration will focus on driving digital innovation, sharing best practices, and providing valuable resources throughout the year. By working closely with EDUCAUSE, we aim to address the evolving challenges in higher education and support institutions in their journey towards a more connected and efficient learning environment. As we redefine educational spaces, we provide a strategy focused on sustainability, ethical innovation, and partnership.

    Lenovo is committed to empowering educators, inspiring learners, and elevating institutions to new heights of achievements—anywhere, anytime. Join us in this journey of transformation where every Lenovo-powered space is a step toward a smarter, more connected educational future.

  • Microsoft

  • AI is transforming the world of education, offering transformative tools that reshape learning, work, and play. With over 1.5 billion students globally, preparing them for the future is one of society’s most urgent priorities.

    Microsoft aims to empower every student on the planet to achieve more by collaborating with educators, researchers, and leaders to design solutions, tools, and devices that are equitable, inclusive, efficient, and secure, to effectively support teaching and learning now and into the future.

    Through participation in events like the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, a variety of EDUCAUSE committee initiatives, and engaging in meaningful dialogue with the EDUCAUSE community, Microsoft is committed to help address the unique challenges faced by higher education institutions. Visit to learn more about our all-in-one platforms that enable institutions and students to thrive in today's educational environment.

  • Moran Technology Consulting

  • Moran Technology Consulting (MTC), founded in 2004, is a leading information technology (IT) consulting firm, serving higher education clients in the U.S. and around the world. We have worked with over 350 diverse teaching and research institutions to identify and maximize the strategic benefits of IT investments. MTC offers a full range of IT Management Consulting, Information Security, Identity & Access Management, ERP Transformation, Project Management, and Data & Analytics professional services.

    As an EDUCAUSE Mission Partner, we build on our 20+ years of supporting EDUCAUSE’s mission and members to advance higher education. This means continuing to support the EDUCAUSE Awards and Scholarship Programs and engaging meaningfully in face-to-face and online events to share our expertise from more than 800 higher education projects. We look forward to working more closely with EDUCAUSE and member institutions in 2024. Learn more about us at our Moran website or by contacting us at 888-699-4440 or [email protected].

  • Zoom

EDUCAUSE Strategic Partner 2024 

Strategic Partners

  • K16 Solutions

  • Vantage Technology Consulting Group

  • Vantage Technology Consulting Group advances the mission of higher education by delivering actionable strategic solutions that empower institutions, enhance student experiences, and promote academic advancement. Our core service areas are IT assessment and strategic planning; IT and data governance; information security, privacy, and risk management; and technology operations, including network modernization. We are excited to be EDUCAUSE’s inaugural Strategic Partner. As the exclusive partner for the EDUCAUSE Executive Leaders Academy we will work closely with EDUCAUSE to build and strengthen a diverse pipeline of next-generation higher education technology professionals and leaders. Vantage is committed to working with EDUCAUSE to address higher education challenges, share high-quality thought leadership, develop resources, bring members together, and build community. Contact Senior Principal, Associate Partner Cathy Bates or Vice President Kirk Kelly to discuss how we can help you.