Expand your opportunities when you join EDUCAUSE as a corporate member.

Corporations serving the higher education information technology market, and other related associations and organizations are invited to become corporate members. By joining EDUCAUSE, your organization will connect with over 85,000 higher education professionals from colleges and universities around the world. And you’ll be recognized for supporting the mission of the higher education community.

Starting July, 2017 your EDUCAUSE membership will become even more valuable. Our ECAR research and ELI teaching and learning resources will be included in all EDUCAUSE memberships. ECAR and ELI give you crucial information, skills, and data to support your business challenges, and we're excited to offer these resources to our entire community.  Learn more

Membership Benefits

EDUCAUSE membership brings value to your corporation through interaction with higher education decision makers, access to programs and conferences that provide insight into your customers' most important issues, and the opportunity to take advantage of an expanding array of marketing options designed to maximize customer reach and visibility.

Expanded Access to Your Target Market

*Member pricing for the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference assumes the company is a member at the time of booth selection and at the onset of the conference.

Insight into Your Customers' Key Issues
Achieve Partner Status

The EDUCAUSE Corporate Partner Program enables you to maximize brand awareness and show your significant support of the higher education community.  Over the course of each year, the extent to which you participate in EDUCAUSE opportunities determines your annual placement in one of the program's four levels. 

Learn more about the EDUCAUSE Partner Program.

Designating Representatives

To get the most out of your corporate membership, companies that join will need to designate one primary representative and up to 20 additional participating representatives. Participating representatives receive a complimentary subscription to EDUCAUSE Review.

The role of the primary representative includes:

  • Keeping your organization informed of EDUCAUSE programs that might benefit them by forwarding applicable association communications
  • Updating your representative roster for your organization online. If you do not have an EDUCAUSE login, you will need to create one for access to this feature.
  • Providing payment of annual membership dues for the annual cycle

Membership Dues

The corporate membership period runs from July 1 to June 30. Companies are welcome to join throughout the year. 2016/2017 dues are noted below. 

  • Jul/Aug/Sep:  $2,775.00 (100 percent of annual dues)
  • Oct/Nov/Dec: $2,081.25 (75 percent of annual dues)
  • Jan/Feb/Mar:  $1,387.50 (50 percent of annual dues)
  • Apr/May/Jun:    $693.75 (25 percent of annual dues)

EDUCAUSE is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Corporate members may be able to deduct 100% of their membership dues as a regular business expense. Members with questions should consult with their tax advisor.


For more information or assistance in applying for membership, contant Member Services.

(303) 449-4430


Coming July 2017: 

The All-in-One EDUCAUSE Membership

ELI and ECAR available with EDUCAUSE Membership

Beginning July 1, ECAR research and ELI teaching and learning resources will be included with EDUCAUSE membership, no longer requiring separate subscriptions.

Learn More

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