EDUCAUSE Strategic Partnerships

EDUCAUSE strategic partnerships allow us to broaden our reach and enrich our programs in ways that advance the association’s core mission, goals, and strategic priorities. Strategic partners may be individuals, associations, institutions, corporations, foundations, or other organizations, worldwide. EDUCAUSE partnerships have helped to advance our field:

  • Student Success—Clarifying the uses and challenges of data and analytics
  • Teaching and Learning—Contributing to a collaboration to build higher education’s capabilities to apply XR technologies in teaching
  • Executive Collaboration—Co-hosted events to foster greater understanding between IT and higher education executives
  • Digital Transformation—Raising awareness about how digital transformation can benefit higher education
  • Analytics Progress—Helping institutional leaders make progress on analytics


"EDUCAUSE is an association in every way powered by relationships. We depend on hundreds of volunteers every year to make the kind of difference we do, and we know that partnerships with other organizations are more important than ever before. We can do more together than we can do alone—and there's much more we want to accomplish in the years ahead for the members we serve."
John O'Brien, President and CEO, EDUCAUSE


Current Partnerships

Partnerships may range from primarily exchanges of information to increase understanding and alignment between the organizations and their members to formal partnership agreements involving a given service, project, event, or initiative, or a series of the same. EDUCAUSE has active relationships with over 50 associations, institutions, corporations, foundations, and other organizations worldwide. Representative examples include:

Programmatic Collaborations

  • Participating in ongoing collaborations related to events and professional development (ACAO, AIR, CLIR, Deloitte, NACUBO, NERCOMP, Penn State, and the University of Nebraska)
  • Engaging in research collaborations (APLU, ARL, HP, Huron, ITHAKA, and Unizin)
  • Exchanging resources and speakers (Gartner)

Networking Collaborations

  • Collaborating with other associations and nonprofits supporting technology in higher education (1Edtech, AXIES, CAUDIT, CUCCIO, EUNIS, the HEUG, Jisc, Internet2, REN-ISAC, and UCISA)
  • Coordinating with other associations and nonprofit organizations supporting higher education (ACE, CUPA-HR, NACUBO, AIR, AGB, APLU, and AASCU)
  • Sharing and exchange with organizations supporting groups of members (the Big Ten Academic Alliance, CLAC, RUCC, and others)

Ecosystem Collaborations

  • Contributing to and collaborating with organizations participating in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Every Learner Everywhere and Advising Success Network (NASPA, APLU, NACADA, Tyton Partners, WCET, and Achieving the Dream)

Corporate Partnership Program

  • Fostering collaboration between institutions and corporations through working groups, online and face-to-face industry and campus-led presentations, and more
  • Leveraging corporate support of EDUCAUSE to lower membership dues and event fees and support free webinars, research, and cutting-edge publications


To explore a partnership with EDUCAUSE

Contact Susan Grajek, Vice President of Partnerships, Communities, and Research