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Selection of the 2016 IT Issues and Strategic Technologies Is Underway

With help from the IT Issues Panel and a representative sample of IT leaders in the community, EDUCAUSE is currently selecting the top 10 IT issues and strategic technologies in higher education. These trends and forecasts help you understand what's important and where to focus. The research also guides EDUCAUSE enterprise IT, information security, professional development, and teaching and learning programs.

Attending the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference? Add this session to your itinerary: Preview 2016's Top 10 IT Issues and Strategic Technologies. Look for the 2016 IT Issues article in the January/February 2016 issue of EDUCAUSE Review. ECAR will publish the 2016 Strategic Technologies report in January 2016.

2015 Article and Related Resources

What's new in 2015? Nothing and everything. One constant is change, and three themes characterize this year’s list:

Inflection Point — The trends that have motivated early adopters are cascading into the mainstream and requiring fundamental changes in strategy.

From Technical to Business — IT leaders and professionals are shifting focus from technical to business problems, with increasing interdependencies.

The New Normal — BYOD, digitization, and associated technologies and opportunities are changing the nature of user support and appropriate security policies. 



About the Top 10 Research on Higher Education IT Issues and Strategic Technologies

The trends and forecasts revealed in the annual EDUCAUSE Top 10 research — including the IT issues and strategic technologies reports — are used by higher education leaders and decision makers to know what's important and where to focus in their IT planning and management. The lists of top IT issues and strategic technologies are developed by a panel of experts comprised of IT and non-IT leaders, CIOs, and faculty members and then voted on by the EDUCAUSE community in an annual survey.

The annual IT Issues article (see 2015 above) is published in EDUCAUSE Review. The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research publishes the annual strategic technologies report and supporting materials. View the ECAR 2015 Strategic Technologies reports

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