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The following two working group projects are looking for participants! Working groups typically have 10-15 members and meet biweekly via conference call. Find out more about these projects, their goals, and intended outcomes. Please contact if you are interested or have questions.

  • IPv6 Implementation Guide
  • Research Implications for Networking
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    New Publication!

    Considerations for Research Data Sharing: Setting the Stage for Greater Openness
    Underneath the promises of research data sharing lie numerous considerations that impact or hinder research data sharing as a common practice. This paper explores some of the topics that institutions and researchers should consider as they encourage and enable research data sharing.

    Recent Publications

    Preparing Your IT Organization for the Cloud: Cloud on the Horizon
    The final paper in this seven-part series takes a look at where cloud is going and what has changed since the first paper was published. It also includes author stories sharing how cloud has changed on their own campuses in the last eighteen months. In recognition of this final paper, the entire series has been made publicly available. Earlier papers focus on governance, the IT organization and staffing, migration, operationalizing, and awareness/user support.

    Improving Access to the National Computational Infrastructure: The Role of Regional Organizations
    This Research Bulletin takes a look at how regional organizations provide support to computational researchers and can expand engagement at research-intensive universities.

    Adapting to Learn, Learning to Adapt
    This Research Bulletin describes UCF’s approach to adaptive learning, what it has learned so far, and where it is headed.

    ECAR working groups bring together higher education IT leaders to address technology challenges. Individuals at EDUCAUSE member institutions are invited to collaborate on projects that advance emerging technologies important to colleges and universities. See all the ECAR Working Group publications in the EDUCAUSE library.



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      April 4, 2017 – 3-4 p.m.ET:
      Academic Data in Higher Education

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