.EDU Domain Administration

EDUCAUSE is the sole registrar for names in the .edu domain. The Department of Commerce awarded management of the domain to EDUCAUSE in October 2001.

Eligible institutions and holders of .edu domain names can register​ and manage​ their .edu domains at the .edu Administration Portal.

EDUCAUSE is also the exclusive provider of contact information for the .edu domain, available in the Whois Lookup database.

Security Notice

Threats to the security and integrity of .edu domains are an unfortunate reality against which everyone must safeguard. We at EDUCAUSE take this issue very seriously, which is why we want to remind your organization of the importance of protecting your domain.

There are numerous examples of organizations that have had their data breached because they failed to take necessary precautions to protect their websites. Unfortunately, EDUCAUSE cannot do this work for you. Therefore, we recommend in the strongest terms that your organization consider the following steps to protect your security. This list is not exhaustive, and your organization should consult with your network and security teams on the best approach for your organization.

We recommend that you take the following steps as soon as possible to enhance your account security:

  1. Change the password on your account regularly.
  2. Set up 2 Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA) for any and all accounts you have for your institution. This will need to be done on each account. Directions are here: https://help.101domain.com/account-management/account-security/setup-two-factor-authentication
  3. Do not share your username and password with anyone else. Create sub-user accounts instead so each person has their own login.
  4. Set the Contact email address value on your account to a distribution list, so that all key personnel are notified of changes to your account.

For additional protection, consider the following step. This step may or may not make sense for your needs. Consult with your network engineering and security teams before making changes in this area:

  1. Restrict access to your account by IP ranges. This tool can be a powerful way to limit where logins to your domain editing can take place; care must be taken to ensure that you do not lock yourself out of your account. Directions are here: https://help.101domain.com/account-management/account-security/restrict-an-account-by-ip-address