What is ID2ID?

The ID2ID is a partnership program between Penn State and ELI and provides instructional designers an opportunity to engage a community of  colleagues across higher education institutions that share the same passion for advancing teaching and learning. This program is designed to help participants grow professionally through focusing on common areas of interest such as: faculty development, academic transformation, digital literacies, accessibility, assessment, open education, and learning spaces.

Program participants are paired into mentor, mentee, or peer relationships and work together towards building personalized program goals that directly tailors the experience for specific professional development interests. **There is no cost to participate in the program.

Who Should Apply and Why?

Applications for the ID2ID program will be open to anyone involved in instructional design at a higher education institution at any professional level. Educational technologists, multimedia specialists, programmers, and production specialists are encouraged to apply, provided their work focuses on instructional design.

Explore the world of instructional design through interactions with others and gain exposure to challenges and opportunities that surround key topics of interest. If you are looking to develop new insights, connect with experienced colleagues, or explore new career paths, you would benefit from participating.

How Do I Apply?

ID2ID Program application is available now through May 15, 2017. Please apply here. Contact: Veronica Diaz at

Other Instructional Design Resources/Events

Register for the ELI 2017 Online Focus Session on April 19 & 20: New Directions in Instructional Design: Keeping Pace in a Time of Rapid Change. Active participants will receive the instructional design digital badge to share on professional networks.

Join the EDUCAUSE Instructional Design Constituent Group and learn how to effectively gather, analyze and apply student data to inform and quantify the efficacy of instructional design decisions and processes.

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Contribute to a growing field
Develop yourself as a professional and grow with the evolving learning design profession. Meet people
Real people. Connect with other professionals that share your passion for enabling great teaching and learning.
Solve new problems
Gain perspectives from experienced learning designers who can share practical examples of and solutions for real-world learning design challenges.
Be part of a bigger conversation
Explore the world of instructional design through interactions with other leaders in the field and gain exposure to challenges and opportunities.

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