All-in-One Membership

Your EDUCAUSE membership is about to get even better.

Beginning July 2017, EDUCAUSE membership will include access to ECAR research and the ELI teaching and learning community, no longer requiring separate subscriptions.

EDUCAUSE, ECAR, and ELI all in one membership


In 2016, with feedback from over 2,000 of you, the EDUCAUSE board and staff worked to develop an ambitious, but achievable set of 5-year strategic priorities to improve your membership experience—and this membership change represents a key component of this plan and one we believe will transform our community.  

A Quick Orientation

How Can EDUCAUSE Support You and Your Campus?

Watch our two-minute video to learn how EDUCAUSE can help you solve cross-organizational challenges through the efficient and effective use of IT.



Who on Your Campus Can Benefit?

EDUCAUSE serves a wide variety of individuals across campus, including IT and academic technology professionals, but increasingly the success of IT depends on strong connections with other campus leaders.

We Serve: Teaching and Learning, IT, and Other Campus Leaders 

Membership is at an organizational level. When you join EDUCAUSE, everyone at your organization gets access to our vast collection of resources.


Four Ways We Can Help You

We provide support systems, tools, resources, and communities to help you understand and solve the issues you face on campus.

4 Ways We Can Help: Stay Informed on Topics, Issues and Trends; Make Informed Decisions; Build a Collaborative Network of Peers; Advance Your Knowledge and Career 

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ECAR Quick Guide

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Renewal invoices for the 2017–2018 membership year will be sent to primary representatives on May 1. You can also join or renew now by contacting our membership team at and get immediate access to all of our resources.

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