All-in-One Membership


Your EDUCAUSE membership is about to get even better.

Beginning July 2017, EDUCAUSE membership will include access to ECAR research and the ELI teaching and learning community, no longer requiring separate subscriptions.

EDUCAUSE, ECAR, and ELI all in one membership

In 2016, with feedback from over 2,000 of you, the EDUCAUSE board and staff worked to develop an ambitious, but achievable set of 5-year strategic priorities to improve your membership experience. This membership change represents a key component of these priorities—one we believe will transform our community.


Greater Access Drives Better Outcomes

Why Change Now

Now more than ever, campus leaders are driving forward strategic initiatives like student success and academic transformation.

Technology has a direct role in helping institutions achieve these urgent priorities.

ECAR and ELI give you crucial information, skills, and data to support the challenges on your campus.




Get to Know ECAR and ELI

Inform IT service management and plan digital initiatives through ECAR Lead academic transformation and effectively apply learning technologies using ELI
  • Research and benchmarking
  • Trends and forecasts
  • Community collaboration

Learn more about ECAR.

  • A diverse community of faculty and staff
  • Trend analysis and best practices
  • Professional development

Learn more about ELI.


How Does Our Membership Offering Change?

We’ve restructured our membership to enable more diverse higher education participation and access. Core changes to our structure will take effect in July 2017 as noted below.

New dues information table

When Can I Find Out My New Dues?

Dues amounts will be sent to primary representatives in February.

Also, our membership team is available now to help answer any questions and provide you with a preview of your new dues amount. You can reach us at


What You Can Expect

Activity Date
Receive new membership dues information for 2017–2018—Primary representatives


Access orientations—Learn how to take advantage of your new benefits

April and May

Receive 2017–2018 membership invoice—Primary representatives


Obtain access to enhanced membership benefits!


Stay tuned to learn more. For questions, contact us at