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EDUCAUSE strategic directions provide guidance for the association as it works to maximize its value to member institutions and the profession. EDUCAUSE continually refines its strategic directions to remain relevant to current needs and issues in higher education technology.

As approved by the EDUCAUSE Board of Directors, the association provides programs, activities, and resources focused on:

  • Knowledge creation and dissemination
  • Collaboration and community
  • Analysis and advocacy
  • Career and leadership development
  • Experimentation

EDUCAUSE seeks to:

  • Be responsive and member-focused
  • Proactively surface emerging trends and synthesize information
  • Take a leadership role on important community issues
  • Help members be change agents on campus
  • Be an agile and focused organization

2015 Strategic Directions

Beyond ongoing projects and continuous improvement of existing programs, EDUCAUSE has identified three areas for major focus in 2015.

Building the Profession

EDUCAUSE supports those in the IT profession with information and skill development. EDUCAUSE will continue to strengthen and grow its professional development portfolio, emphasizing the “CIO pipeline” to ensure individuals are attracted to senior IT roles, are prepared to assume more responsibility, and are supported in these positions.

EDUCAUSE also can help “build the profession” by ensuring that institutions understand IT and its value to higher education. Another critical support for the profession is ensuring that the data and analysis needed are available for decision making.

IT as a Game Changer

IT can be a game changer in higher education, whether it is applied to teaching and learning, administrative systems, or research. IT’s impact goes beyond a set of technologies. It can disaggregate and reassemble existing tools and processes, allowing for the creation of new value propositions and enterprises. Rather than just automating existing processes, it can enable new models or create additional value, such as through analytics. In 2015 EDUCAUSE will continue to explore IT as a game changer.

Foundations—Improvement and Innovation

The majority of EDUCAUSE activities are foundational—either the products and services members expect or the foundational elements of the association (e.g., IT, marketing). In 2015 EDUCAUSE will continue key foundational projects such as the web redesign, improvements to business processes, the AMS implementation, focusing our messaging and social media strategies, and project management. Throughout these projects, we will strive to make EDUCAUSE a more data-intensive organization. In addition, a continuing strategic emphasis will be placed on positioning EDUCAUSE as an organization that serves those who use IT, not just those who are in IT organizations.

Strategic Directions FAQ



Our community's values shape EDUCAUSE's strategic directions and actions. EDUCAUSE is developing individual value statements in consultation with members and community leaders. Here we provide a brief overview of what each value means, why our community considers it important, and how it guides our service to members and higher education.

The list of values will gradually change as new statements are completed; the list should never be considered exhaustive. We are working to highlight the core values that truly define EDUCAUSE rather than trying to capture all of the values that motivate our community.


EDUCAUSE values sharing, collaboration, and open access to knowledge and resources, and thus supports technologies, applications, and approaches that foster openness. Embracing openness as a core value commits EDUCAUSE to helping both its institutional and corporate members engage the topic on a sustained basis, with the goal of maximizing the flexibility and creativity with which members can advance their missions.


As the higher education technology association, EDUCAUSE embraces the value of innovation. EDUCAUSE understands not only the importance of innovation to higher education but also the supporting role that technology can play as a tool for innovation in the learning, discovery, and engagement that colleges and universities offer. Together, all of us in the EDUCAUSE community strive to produce innovations that will advance higher education's mission of creating, transmitting, and preserving knowledge.

The Common Good

EDUCAUSE values the leveraging of knowledge, approaching complex issues together rather than separately, and thus supports the use of information technology—as a tool, a discipline, and a mindset—to foster the common good in higher education and society. EDUCAUSE works to enable higher education IT leaders and professionals to advance the common good across their campuses, their communities, and the world at large. Along with the EDUCAUSE values of innovation and openness, this commitment is expressed by how EDUCAUSE members help to achieve it—through "uncommon thinking for the common good."


EDUCAUSE values collaboration for integrating diverse talents and experience, avoiding duplication, and sparking innovative ideas for serving the common good, and thus supports the use of information technology to foster collaboration.


EDUCAUSE values community for the relationships, commitment, and collective action it catalyzes, and EDUCAUSE thus supports the development and adoption of technologies, applications, and approaches to foster community.