A badge is a visual representation of an accomplishment, achievement or skill acquisition—more granular than a formal degree, but helps to make incremental learning more visible.

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EDUCAUSE Badging Program

Digital badges have emerged as a way to document ongoing community engagement, professional development, and accomplishments.  Badges recognize incremental learning in highly visible ways. They can support and enhance a career portfolio and may help illuminate a learning path. 

In support of the higher education IT community, EDUCAUSE implemented a badging program in 2014. Those individuals who meet established criteria have an opportunity to earn digital badges in recognition of their engagement with the association. When you earn, display, and share badges, you help draw attention to your community involvement and professional development experiences.

For more information on badges, please see the ELI publications, Developing A Higher Education Badging Initiative and Where Badges Work Better, the EDUCAUSE Review article Digital Badges for Professional Development or the 7 Things You Should Read About...™ Badging or find other materials in our badge resource library. Be a part of the discussion by joining the Microcredentials and Badges Constituent Group.

Badges Offered

Badges are awarded according to criteria and the specified badge issue schedule. The EDUCAUSE badge program encompasses the following categories of engagement:

  • Community Service badges recognize efforts to serve our professional community and those who engaged in professional development programs.
  • Communications badges recognize efforts to share knowledge or lend expertise through online events.
  • Leadership Development badges recognize initiative and commitment through an intense, participative learning experience focused on both professional and personal growth as a manager and leader. 
  • Awards badges recognize standout community leaders honored through the EDUCAUSE awards program.
  • Subject Matter badges recognize learning and the development along specific and relevant content areas through verified engagement and participation.

Program Recognition

ASAE recognized the EDUCAUSE Digital Badging Program in its 2015 Gold Circle Awards competition.

Winner as a:
New Product/ Service Launch Campaign


The Gold Circle Awards signify excellence, innovation, and achievement in association/nonprofit marketing, membership, and communications programs.

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