EDUCAUSE Microcredentials

EDUCAUSE microcredentials recognize an individual’s achievements, expertise and skill acquisition, engagement, and volunteer service with EDUCAUSE and the professional community.

Microcredentials Offered

EDUCAUSE offers over 100 distinct microcredentials within four categories:

Volunteer Service

Volunteer Service microcredentials recognize those who serve our professional community and engage in our professional learning programs. Examples of volunteer service opportunities and professional learning programs that carry these microcredentials include:

EDUCAUSE Volunteer Service Badge: NERCOMP Program Committee 2022
(Example Volunteer Service microcredential)

Expertise Development

Expertise Development microcredentials recognize learning and development along specific and relevant content areas through verified engagement and participation in EDUCAUSE professional learning programs. Examples of programs that carry these microcredentials include:

EDUCAUSE Expertise Development Badge: Designing Hyflex Courses 2022
(Example Expertise Development microcredential)


Leadership microcredentials recognize initiative and commitment through immersive, participatory learning experiences focused on professional and personal growth as a leader in higher education. Examples of learning experiences that carry these microcredentials include the EDUCAUSE Institute programs offered.

EDUCAUSE Leadership Badge: Senior Directors Institute Thought Leader 2022
(Example Leadership microcredential)


Awards microcredentials honor and recognize individuals who have positively influenced the higher education profession and show promise for future contributions to their field. These credentials are given for the following three awards:

EDUCAUSE Badge: Award Rising Star 2022
(Example Awards microcredential)