Career Development

Enhance the contribution IT makes to your institution, learn new strategies for doing your job more successfully, and explore opportunities to advance your career.

Career Advancement

Professional Development

EDUCAUSE offers professional development and networking opportunities to help higher education IT professionals, at all levels, advance in their career.

EDUCAUSE Career Center: job opportunities and recruitment for job openings within the higher education community

Attend and Participate in EDUCAUSE Events: face-to-face and online opportunities exist—connecting you to peers and increasing your knowledge and skills

Leadership and Management Programs

EDUCAUSE leadership programs help enhance your success as a current or future IT manager and leader.

EDUCAUSE Institute: immersive programs for new or current managers and leaders

Project Management Institute (PMI): course discounts and free articles for members

Contributing to the Greater Good

Fellowships and Awards

EDUCAUSE grant programs were established to expand opportunities for information technology professionals to attend EDUCAUSE events, thus helping to build future leaders.

Fellowships: recognize a combination of past achievement, personal and institutional commitment, potential benefit, and financial need

EDUCAUSE Awards: provide professional recognition for leadership and exemplary practice in the community

Getting Involved

EDUCAUSE and its members work together to further our mission.

Volunteer Opportunities: members share their skills and knowledge beyond their campus, contributing to the greater good of the profession

Mentoring Resources: colleagues connecting for mutually beneficial professional relationships