Professional Learning Concierge

Whether you’re a higher education IT professional looking for steps to take your career to the next level, or a CIO looking for opportunities to increase your team’s competencies, EDUCAUSE is your go-to for professional learning opportunities.


EDUCAUSE’s professional learning portfolio supports essential knowledge for all levels of higher education information technology professionals.

Formal learning and micro-credentialing, along with networking and mentoring opportunities allow for a continuing education recipe that can help springboard individual careers and strengthen teams on campus.

The objective of the EDUCAUSE Professional Learning Concierge is to assist members in the process of identifying career goals, learning new skills to help them grow professionally, and succeed at achieving their goals. Professional learning can play a crucial role in one’s ability to achieve a promotion, change in job, or excel and grow in a current position. Whichever route is the desired course of action for you, the Professional Learning Concierge process can assist you in deciding:

  • Defining your goals

  • Individual development plan

  • Formal, or informal programs (in-person, online, mentoring)

  • Formal or informal assessments

This guide is designed to take you through each of these elements.

Who should use the EDUCAUSE Professional Learning Concierge?

The Professional Learning Concierge is available to any member who is ready to take steps towards his or her professional learning and growth. This process can also serve as a tool for managers for supporting the development of their team members.

Professional Learning Concierge Online Form

The initial online interest form is available. You will be contacted with next steps upon the completion and processing of your form.

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Financial Support

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