About ECAR

ECAR’s analytics services and research resources help you predict, benchmark, plan for, and act on IT solutions and trends in higher education.

Targeted specifically to professionals and leaders in higher education and technology, ECAR is a data analytics and research organization dedicated to understanding the role of IT and technology in colleges and universities and to expanding the knowledge base for institutional decision-making and planning.

Everyone at an EDUCAUSE member organization has access to ECAR research and analytics services, including timely research reports, blog posts, infographics, data tables, and key findings and actionable recommendations. Institutional members also have access to Core Data Service and EDUCAUSE Technology Research in the Academic Community (ETRAC) data in the EDUCAUSE Analytics Services Portal.

ECAR publishes a variety of research and analytical resources in formats that meet multiple needs.

  • Research reports
  • Case studies
  • Blog posts
  • Data tables
  • Infographics and interactive graphics
  • Slide decks and presentations
  • Survey instruments

Meet the Analytics and Research Team