About ECAR

ECAR research helps you predict, plan for, and act on IT trends in higher education.

Targeted specifically to IT professionals and higher education leaders, ECAR is a research organization dedicated to understanding IT's role in colleges and universities.

Everyone at an EDUCAUSE member organization has access to ECAR research, including more than 40 timely reports, member-submitted research, infographics, data tables, and key findings and actionable recommendations. View all ECAR publications.

Higher education leaders come together in ECAR working groups to address technology challenges and share their findings with the higher education IT community. Projects focus on issues such as:

  • Communications
  • Cloud
  • Cyberinfrastructure
  • Data and analytics
  • IT Services and management
  • Mobile

ECAR publishes a variety of research and analytical resources in formats that meet multiple needs.

  • Research reports
  • Member-submitted research
  • Case studies
  • Data tables
  • Maturity and deployment benchmarking indices
  • Infographics and interactive graphics
  • Slide decks and presentations
  • Survey instruments


Research Staff

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