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ECAR research helps you predict, plan for, and act on IT trends in higher education.

Enhance Decision Making with ECAR Research

Make better decisions and improve service delivery with ECAR research and analysis. Targeted specifically to IT professionals and college and university leaders, ECAR provides user data, higher education technology trends and practices, and collaboration opportunities focused on improving IT's contribution to higher education. ECAR participants benefit from:

  • Annual research, including more than 40 timely reports, member-submitted research, infographics, data tables, and key findings and actionable recommendations
  • Access to the EDUCAUSE Benchmarking Service, a new service that can help institutions assess and benchmark organizational maturity and technology deployment for digital initiatives, including analytics, e-learning, IT risk management, information security, and student success technologies
  • Opportunity to lead or participate in ECAR working groups

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ECAR Research Helps You Manage

EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues and Top 10 Strategic Technologies and Trend Watch reports (ECAR subscribers only). View the infographic

  • Knowing the top higher education IT trends and forecasts
  • Zeroing in on what's important and where to focus

Analytics in Higher Education, 2015 and Digital Capabilities in Higher Education, 2015

  • Laying the groundwork for analytics (data management and integration)
  • Using IT as a strategic differentiator in business intelligence and learning analytics (personalized learning)

2016 Students and IT Report

  • Moving from desktops to handhelds (mobile device diversity)
  • Using IT as a strategic differentiator in teaching and learning and student success analytics (data-driven decision making and personalized learning)

IT Workforce in Higher Education

  • Transforming the way IT organizations manages services (service management, agile approaches to change, DevOps movement)
  • Reinvesting in the IT organization itself

Preparing the IT Organization for the Cloud

  • Reengineering enterprise applications and infrastructure (increasing complexity, moving to the cloud)

2016 Enterprise Application Market Reports

  • Understanding the solution marketplace for enterprise applications (e.g., more and less common solution providers and service delivery configurations for major enterprise applications)

Mobile Apps in Higher Education

  • Moving from desktops to handhelds (mobile device diversity)
  • Reinvesting in information security (risk management approaches, a device-agnostic security approach)

Establishing Data Stewardship Models

  • Laying the groundwork for analytics (enterprise data management, data integration)

Aligning IT Funding Models to the Pace of Technology Change

  • Reinvesting in the IT organization itself (shared services)
  • Ensuring adequate staffing capacity and staff retention as budgets shrink or remain flat and as external competition grows

IT Service Delivery in Higher Education

  • Transforming the way the IT organization manages services (service management, agile approach to change, DevOps movement)

Collaborate with Peers in ECAR Working Groups

Higher education leaders come together in ECAR working groups to address technology challenges and share their findings with the higher education IT community. Projects focus on issues such as:

  • Communications
  • Cloud
  • Cyberinfrastructure
  • Data and analytics
  • IT Services and management
  • Mobile

Dig Deeper into IT Topics

ECAR publishes a variety of research and analytical resources in formats that meet multiple needs. Browse all ECAR research in the EDUCAUSE library.

  • Research reports
  • Member-submitted research
  • Case studies
  • Data tables
  • Maturity and deployment benchmarking indices
  • Infographics and interactive graphics
  • Slide decks and presentations
  • Survey instruments

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Research Staff

Susan Grajek
Susan Grajek, PhD
Vice President for Data, Research, and Analytics

Pam Arroway
Pam Arroway, PhD
Director, Analytics Infrastructure

D. Christopher Brooks
D. Christopher Brooks, PhD
Interim Research Director

Joanna Grama
Joanna Grama, JD
Director of IT GRC and Cybersecurity Programs

Leah Lang
Leah Lang, MS
Director of Analytics Services

Susan Nesbitt
Susan Nesbitt
Program Manager

Jeffrey Pomerantz
Jeffrey Pomerantz
Senior Research Analyst

Jamie Reeves
Jamie Reeves
Research Assistant

Betsy Tippens Reinitz
Betsy Tippens Reinitz
Director, Enterprise IT Programs

Mike Roedema
Mike Roedema

Kathryn Roesch
Kathryn Roesch
Data Visualization Specialist

Benjamin Shulman
Benjamin Shulman

Valerie Vogel
Valerie Vogel
Program Manager, HEISC

Karen Wetzel
Karen A. Wetzel
Senior Program Manager, ECAR Working Groups

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