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Choose to partner with EDUCAUSE to get your brand, industry knowledge, and thought leadership in front of our specialized higher ed IT communities. Sponsorship opportunities exist in the following areas:

Showcase Series & Programs
Webinars & Demo Days
Annual & Custom Research
Scholarships & Awards

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EDUCAUSE Conferences and Events
Interested in exhibiting, presenting, or sponsoring opportunities at EDUCAUSE conferences and events? Visit our Conferences page.


Showcase Series and Program-Level Sponsorships

Showcase Series


EDUCAUSE is continuing the highly visited Showcase Series, which spotlights some of the most urgent issues in higher education and how the corporate community can help. These exclusive opportunities provide a unique way for your organization to be part of important conversations taking place in higher education IT, and offer never-before-seen thought leadership and branding opportunities. New hot topics and launch dates include:

  • Steering Analytics Toward an Equitable Future | February 22
  • The Digital versus Brick-and-Mortar Balancing Game | April 18
  • AI: Where Are We Now? | June 6
  • Read It Right: Data Literacy's Impact on Institutional Mission | July 25
  • Workforce: Evolve or Become Extinct | August 22
  • Future-Proof: The Flexible IT Organization | September 19
  • Forward: Your 2023 Planning Guide | December 5

View our final Showcase of 2021, The Future Is Here: Your 2022 Planning Guide. For additional information including sponsorship benefits and tips, download the guide below.



EDUCAUSE Showcase Series

Target: 68,000+ higher ed IT and teaching and learning professionals


Program-Level Sponsorships


A limited number of organizations can sponsor our entire Cybersecurity Program, (ELI) Teaching and Learning Program, or Digital Transformation (Dx) experience on an ongoing basis. This is one of the most comprehensive ways to deeply engage with some of our largest communities and hot topics.

Cybersecurity Program

Some of the benefits include:

(ELI) Teaching and Learning Program

Some of the benefits include:

  • Prominent brand recognition across the entire Teaching and Learning Program web hub 
  • Weekly exposure in our Teaching & Learning newsletter, which reaches 21,500 recipients
  • Significant involvement in one of our most popular research reports—the 2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report | Teaching and Learning Edition
  • Additional thought leadership and advertising benefits

Digital Transformation Experience

Some of the benefits include:

  • Prominent brand recognition across our new microsite
  • Recognition in major email announcements to more than 68,000 recipients



Screen showing Cybersecurity Program Supporting Partners: Arctic Security, Cisco Secure, Fischer Identity, GreyCastle, and Hitachi ID.


New—EDUCAUSE Professional Pathways


EDUCAUSE Professional Pathways is a new tool designed to help higher education professionals assess where they are in their careers today and create a plan to move toward accomplishing their goals, whatever they may be. The pathways serve four EDUCAUSE communities: Innovation, Information Security, Information Technology, and Teaching and Learning. Each path offers sample positions, recommended skills and education, and specific actions customized to professional level and field.

Benefits include:

  • Prominent brand recognition across the microsite
  • Addition of up 4–5 thought leadership pieces related to a field of interest and by professional level (early, mid, advanced, unit executive, and institutional executive)
  • Recognition in major email announcements to more than 68,000 recipients promoting the launch

Be part of the launch of this new offering and help the higher education community advance and grow as leaders. Download the guide to learn more.


Student in a classroom

Target: 68,000+ higher ed IT and teaching and learning professionals



Webinars and Demo Days

Industry and Campus Webinars

Highlight your industry expertise

Conduct a webinar on a topic that positions your company as a thought leader with a partner from a higher education institution or panel of up to three.

You'll receive a recording of your webinar, participant evaluation results, a transcript of comments in the chat, and a list of registrants who agree to share their information for your team to follow up.


  • Set up the web page and registration, and collect your content
  • Provide a presenter walk-through and moderate the webinar
  • Promote the series via email and social media channels
  • Archive your webinar recording in the EDUCAUSE Library

For additional information including deadlines and next steps, download the details below.

Find Out More


Computer screen showing an Industry and Campus Webinar

Target: 61,000+ higher ed IT, teaching and learning, and other campus professionals


New—Demo Days

Show off your products and services

Demo Days are new one or two-day events comprising several 45-minute live, rapid-fire sessions designed specifically to highlight innovative and emerging solution providers in a given technology product or service category. This is your chance to present your products and services to those in the EDUCAUSE community who are eager to hear about your offerings. 2022 Demo Day event topics and dates include:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Platforms | April 28
  • Data Management and Data Integration Solutions | June 29
  • Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) | September 27
  • Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) Solutions | December 8

Up to six companies can secure a spot in each event (participation is on a first-come, first-served basis). Download the sponsor guide below for more information including benefits, deadlines, and best practices.


Man in front of a computer screen

Target: 61,000+ higher ed IT, teaching and learning, and other campus professionals




Annual EDUCAUSE Research

Associate your brand with trusted benchmarking data

The higher ed IT community turns year-round to EDUCAUSE for the latest findings on developing and advancing the IT workforce, students and faculty technology experiences, emerging technologies like extended reality, and industry-shaping trends like data analytics.

Sponsor our signature research to be part of the latest issues and trends in higher education. Exposure is extended through higher education media and partner publications.

Email to Discuss Options

Regularly recurring EDUCAUSE research may include products like: The Top IT Issues, Technologies, and Trends; studies on student and faculty technology experiences; IT Workforce in Higher Education; among others.


Annual research reports

Target: 68,000+ higher ed IT and teaching and learning professionals



Custom Research Studies

Collaborate with EDUCAUSE and the higher education community

We work with you to design, conduct, summarize, and visualize a custom study, program, or analysis, and promote your content to the higher ed community and media. A limited number of custom research studies are available each year. View a recent collaborative project.

This year, we’re exploring custom research that aligns with our 2022 EDUCAUSE Showcase Series in addition to other topics our corporate community may like to pursue. Explore available topics above and contact us for next steps.

Email to Discuss Options

Custom research reports 

Target: 68,000+ higher ed IT and teaching and learning professionals


HP has been partnering with EDUCAUSE to investigate a number of topics including XR, machine learning, and esports. Together we've published multiple custom research reports, garnering media coverage in Forbes, The Chronicle of Higher Ed, Inside Higher Ed, EdSurge, and more. The reports have been consumed over 20,000 times.


Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship Program

Be recognized for your support

EDUCAUSE Scholarships are an extension of our commitment to those who lead, manage, and use information technology to shape strategic IT decisions at every level within higher education. Awards are made on an annual basis and preference is given to underserved individuals at financially challenged institutions.

Learn About Our Scholarships


Students around a table

Target: 68,000+ higher ed IT and teaching and learning professionals


EDUCAUSE Awards Sold

Invest in leaders

When you choose to sponsor our awards, your organization is investing in our members' accomplishments. You become part of honoring exemplary leaders who: progress the theory and practice of information technology in higher education; actively volunteer; advance diversity, equity, and inclusion; and demonstrate ongoing, exceptional professional growth and contributions.

Recognize Leaders



Target: Up to 68,000 higher ed IT and teaching and learning professionals


Target numbers may be subject to change.


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