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Get your brand, industry knowledge, and products and services in front of thousands of technology leaders and professionals across higher education. Sponsorships exist in the following areas:

EDUCAUSE Showcase Series
Webinars & Demo Days
Annual & Collaborative Research
Scholarships & Awards

For pricing and availability, please contact our corporate team at [email protected].

EDUCAUSE Advertising and Conference Sponsorships and Exhibits
We have a variety of advertising opportunities available to choose from to elevate your brand and thought leadership. Visit our Advertising page to learn more. If you're interested in sponsoring or presenting or exhibiting at one of our signature conferences and events, visit our Conferences and Events page to learn more.


EDUCAUSE Showcase Series

(Reserved for EDUCAUSE Members)


The EDUCAUSE Showcase Series takes a closer look at our popular EDUCAUSE Top 10, spotlighting the most urgent issues identified by the higher ed community each year. For each topic, EDUCAUSE gathers the tools and resources the community needs into one place to help guide campuses forward.

Sponsorship of Showcase topics is an all-in-one opportunity to be part of strategic conversations and remain top of mind with your prospective customers.

Two packages are available to choose from:

  • Basic package: Includes thought leadership, branding, and advertising benefits.
  • Premier package (Reserved for EDUCAUSE Mission and Strategic Partners): Includes the same benefits as the Basic Package, plus panel participation in Showcase webinars and an EDUCAUSE-produced video of your company's perspectives on the Showcase topic.

2024 topics and launch dates include:

  • Cybersecurity as a Core Competency | February 20
  • Hiring Resilience | April 1
  • Meeting Students Where They Are | May 20
  • Improving Data Quality and Governance | July 8
  • AI…Friend or Foe? | August 19
  • Adapting to the Future | December 2

View examples of recent Showcase Series topics and download the guide below for additional details on sponsorship benefits and tips.

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Target: 66,000 higher ed technology, teaching and learning, and other campus professionals



Webinars and Demo Days

Industry Insights Webinars
(Reserved for EDUCAUSE Members)

Highlight your industry expertise

Conduct a one-hour webinar on a topic that positions your company as a thought leader with a campus partner from a higher education institution or via a diverse panel of up to three.

You'll receive a recording of your webinar, participant evaluation results, a transcript of comments in the chat, and a list of registrants who agree to share their information for your team to follow up on.


  • Set up the web page and registration, and collect your content
  • Provide a presenter walk-through and moderate the webinar
  • Promote the series via email and social media channels
  • Archive your webinar recording in the EDUCAUSE Library

View examples of recent Industry Insights Webinars and download the guide below for additional details including deadlines and next steps.

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Computer screen showing an Industry and Campus Webinar

Target: 59,000+ higher ed technology, teaching and learning, and other campus professionals



Show off your products and services

EDUCAUSE Demo Days are online events designed to highlight particular products or services that have been identified by our community as technology needs for their institutions. During the event, a handful of companies conduct consecutive, live 30-minute presentations with 15 minutes of participant Q&A.

2024 Demo Day event topics and dates include:

Be one of a handful of companies to secure a spot in a Demo Day event of your choice (participation is on a first-come, first-served basis). View examples of previous Demo Day events and download the sponsor guide below for more information including benefits, deadlines, and best practices.


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Target: 59,000+ higher ed technology, teaching and learning, and other campus professionals




Annual EDUCAUSE Research
(Reserved for Mission and Strategic Partners)

Associate your brand with trusted benchmarking data

Technology professionals across higher education turn year-round to EDUCAUSE for the latest findings on developing and advancing the technology workforce, students and faculty technology experiences, emerging technologies like AI, and industry-shaping trends like data analytics.

Sponsor our signature research to be part of the latest issues and trends in higher education. Exposure is extended through higher education media and partner publications.

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Regularly recurring EDUCAUSE research may include products like: The EDUCAUSE Top 10; Horizon Reports; studies on student and faculty technology experiences; among others.


One screen showing 2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report and another screen showing 2024 EDUCAUSE Top 10

Target: 66,000 higher ed technology, teaching and learning, and other campus professionals



Collaborative Research and Case Studies
(Reserved for EDUCAUSE Members)

Collaborate with EDUCAUSE and the higher education community

We work with you to design, conduct, summarize, and visualize a collaborative study, program, or analysis, and promote your content to the higher ed community and media.

In 2024, we're looking to conduct collaborative research and case studies on:

  • Technology and data workforce issues, DEI, and the strategic influence of technology leaders
  • Cybersecurity and privacy and the current state of institutional resilience and how to improve resilience capabilities
  • Student, faculty, and staff experiences with technology
  • Our 2024 EDUCAUSE Showcase Series topics

View an example of a recent collaborative project. A limited number of collaborative and custom research and case studies are available each year. Contact us to learn more.

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Target: 66,000 higher ed technology, teaching and learning, and other campus professionals



Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship Program

Be recognized for your support

EDUCAUSE Scholarships are an extension of our commitment to those who lead, manage, and use technology and data to shape strategic decisions at every level within higher education. Awards are made on an annual basis and preference is given to underserved individuals at financially challenged institutions.

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Target: Up to 66,000 higher ed technology, teaching and learning, and other campus professionals


EDUCAUSE Awards (Sold)

Invest in leaders

When you choose to sponsor our awards, your organization is investing in our members' accomplishments. You become part of honoring exemplary leaders who progress the theory and practice of technology in higher education; actively volunteer; advance diversity, equity, and inclusion; and demonstrate ongoing, exceptional professional growth and contributions.

Recognize Leaders


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Target: 48,000 higher ed technology, teaching and learning, and other campus professionals


Target numbers are subject to change. Contact us for the latest details.