Driving Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Where to Go from Here

  • With Dx expected to only grow in importance and many believing their institution has yet to begin even exploring what Dx is, we recommend starting by learning what Dx is and what it is not. Begin educating yourself about how shifts in technology, culture, and workforce are serving as the catalysts for the process of digital transformation. Seek out and consume resources (e.g., research, community forums, case studies, articles) to deepen your understanding about Dx and to begin thinking about the scope of your Dx initiative.
  • Given that many key institutional groups are thought to lack awareness, understanding, and support of Dx, we recommend communicating about Dx with other key stakeholders and engaging the institution about Dx as a first step toward institutional planning. Having conversations about what Dx is and what it means for the future of the institution is a crucial step in the planning phase. From there, the institution can begin to set goals for Dx and build a roadmap for how to reach those goals.
  • Once goals and plans have been developed, then it is time to begin a Dx initiative. This process will more than likely be incremental and iterative and should start with institutional functions that are already further along in the process and of strategic importance to the larger Dx initiative. As different phases of Dx projects wrap up, assess the progress and set new goals, communicating successes, setbacks, and next steps to the broader institutional community.