Enterprise IT Program

The Enterprise IT Program provides resources for CIOs and their staff working on core enterprise IT, commercial firms that provide enterprise-related products and services, and associations like NACUBO, with members connected to the enterprise.


Solve Enterprise IT Challenges

The program focuses on five challenges and explores each through a different thematic lens annually, providing related resources with background, recommendations, and action plans, including:

Please note: We're currently reviewing the Enterprise IT Program to ensure we're providing you the resources you need to make progress on challenges across enterprise IT. This means we'll be pausing some of our case study work related to the five themes above. We appreciate your patience and look forward to reviewing and revising the program this year to better help you solve the issues your organization faces. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Because enterprise IT is a large, complex, and multifaceted function, we provide a definition of the term as it relates to our program's scope and resources.


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