About the CIO and Senior Technology Leaders Program

The CIO and Senior Technology Leaders Program advances the strategic use of technology in higher education through resources and activities related to current issues and challenges such as digital transformation (Dx) and analytics.

Program resources—including case studies, self-assessments, and roadmaps—provide the tools and information that CIOs and senior technology leaders need in order to act as effective strategic partners and change agents in their colleges and universities.

The CIO and Senior Technology Leaders Program Advisory Committee provides advice on strategic directions for the program and related initiatives. The committee is composed of EDUCAUSE members who are higher education CIOs or equivalent. In addition to bringing a diversity of expertise to the table, committee members represent a variety of sizes and types of institutions.

Major Areas of Focus

Each year, the program dives deeper into several key topics that are of critical importance to our leadership community. For 2022–2023, we have identified two key areas of focus:

  • Digital Transformation (Dx)
    Dx contributes to a more resilient institution by encouraging the development of institutional competencies such as strategic leadership, workforce flexibility, and technology readiness.
  • Analytics
    Analytics can help colleges and universities advance institutional goals, improve quality and efficiency, strengthen student outcomes, and enhance teaching, learning, and advising.


Many of the program goals overlap with the interests of other organizations. The program maintains partnerships that increase the ability of all parties to fulfill their missions and strategic objectives. As we continue to pursue our strategic objectives, the CIO and Senior Technology Leaders Program will explore new partnerships and other relationships with organizations that share our interests and goals.