Building Technology Strategy that Enables Next Generation Enterprise IT

Build a technology strategy that enables next generation enterprise IT. The next generation of enterprise IT involves moving beyond siloed transactional systems to a multifaceted interconnected ecosystem that advances the mission and goals of the institution. Developing an effective technology strategy requires a deeper understanding of institutional culture and need than ever before, as well as a sharper focus on data integration and data governance.

Enterprise IT Case Studies

In this set of EDUCAUSE Review case studies, see how Pomona College and University of the Pacific developed new technology strategies to support their institutional moves into next generation IT.'

Building Technology Strategy to Support Next Generation Enterprise IT

Top 10 IT Issues and Strategic Technologies Collection of annual research-based resources designed to help IT leaders understand what's important and where to focus for IT planning and management.
IT Governance Toolkit Toolkit with resources to help with the process of understanding, designing, and implementing a governance framework, an important part of technology strategy.
IT Leadership in Higher Education, 2016: The Enterprise Architect ECAR research study identifying the characteristics and functions of enterprise architects.
EDUCAUSE Benchmarking Service Measures relevant areas including IT governance, IT risk management, information security, and culture of innovation.
EDUCAUSE Core Data Service Provides benchmarking of core metrics against peers.
Cybersecurity Program Help with information security related to technology strategy development.
IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance Program Resources for implementing governance, risk, and compliance activities.
EDUCAUSE Library page on Strategic Planning EDUCAUSE articles, papers, and presentations on higher ed IT strategic planning.
EDUCAUSE Library page on IT Governance EDUCAUSE articles, papers, and presentations to help IT support and enable the institution's strategic objectives.

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