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Discover important industry perspectives on higher education security and privacy initiatives.

The corporations below have shown their significant support of the EDUCAUSE Cybersecurity Program and the higher education community, and have provided free resources and special offers that you can use to help solve the cybersecurity and privacy challenges that your institution faces. Explore what's available below.

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Cisco Secure

Cisco, the worldwide leader in enterprise cybersecurity provides an open, integrated platform of products and services that accelerate IT initiatives. Cisco Secure is flexible, saves time, and is continuously updated and informed by the world's largest commercial threat intelligence team. Streamline detection, analysis, and response everywhere with intelligent automation and secure work wherever it happens.

Cisco Secure Resources:

Fischer Identity

Fischer Identity's 15 years of experience deploying Identity for Higher Education provides our customers and partners with a solid and mature foundation to build and maintain successful Identity programs. Fischer's tenure in HE empowers institutions to deploy right-sized, affordable solutions focused on best practices for lifecycle management and identity security.

Fischer Identity Resources:

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