Awareness Campaigns

Prepare for and promote your next information security and privacy awareness campaign.

When it comes to information security and privacy, everyone at your institution plays a part. Below, you'll find resources and toolkits to help individuals across your organization stay safe online and learn about and better understand cybersecurity and data privacy.

Cybersecurity Awareness Tools and Resources

Whether it's cybersecurity experts or everyday users not as familiar with information security best practices, we understand the importance of helping inform—and remind—all of your colleagues about this important topic.

To make it easier for you to raise awareness, find ready-made content below that you can utilize year-round, as well as during Cybersecurity Awareness Month each October.


Learn from Your Peers
Learn about Texas A&M's successful cybersecurity awareness campaigns for students.

Data Privacy Awareness Tools and Resources

Helping inform and encourage individuals across your campus to respect data privacy, safeguard data, and enable trust may also be an important part of your awareness campaigns.

To make it easier for you to educate your campus community, find free resources and promotionals tools below that you can utilize year-round, as well as during Data Privacy Week, January 24–28.

Additional Resources & Tips

There are a variety of ways you can stay informed and get involved in raising information security and data privacy awareness across your campus, as well as a vast collection of tools and resources available for you to develop or enhance your awareness campaigns. Explore what's available below.

EDUCAUSE Content & Resources

Information Security Guide


Research and Events


  • Connect with your peers on information security and privacy issues, news, laws, concerns, and best practices affecting higher education through EDUCAUSE Community Groups.

National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)


Find free resources from STOP.THINK.CONNECT.

Using Twitter in Your Awareness Communications?

  1. Set context for how your campus is celebrating the monthly or quarterly topics. Use a consistent hashtag for each month or for the entire year. For example, "Learn how to protect your online privacy this January. Follow our @OurCollegeName #Privacy tweets for tips throughout the month."
  2. Consider tweets that start a conversation and be prepared to respond. For example, "Online gaming, shopping, and surfing put you at risk. Have a #Privacy question? We want to help you protect yourself. ASK AWAY!"
  3. Share tips on the monthly security awareness topic on a regular basis. Pick a day of the week to share tips or spread them out. Help set expectations by including hashtags like #CyberSelfDefense #Friday.
  4. Point to additional resources with more information. (Consider linking to the SANS Security Awareness Tip of the Day.)
  5. Host a Twitter chat or participate in the #ChatSTC Twitter chats.
  6. Follow the Twitter feeds of other information security departments for ideas, including: