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Integrating Information Literacy into the Academic Curriculum
August 31, 2004

Integrating information literacy into the academic curriculum requires the participation of technology specialists, faculty, librarians, and administrators. This research bulletin describes the i…

Measuring Innovation: A Plausible Strategy for Information Technology
August 17, 2004

Information technologies are often designed to measure the success of innovative strategies. This research bulletin presents a conceptual understanding of the process of change and innovation on …

M-Learning: Emergent Pedagogical and Campus Issues in the Mobile Learning Environment
August 3, 2004

Through a series of case studies, this research bulletin describes the current state of wireless, mobile learning (m-learning) in higher education. It explores the impact of mobile technologies o…

Governance of E-Learning Applications: Networks for Communication
July 20, 2004

This bulletin examines the importance of campus-wide governance of e-learning applications and provides models for these governance structures. It analyzes the development of a governance model f…

Student Technology Use and Skill: Convenience, Communication, and Control
July 8, 2004

This presentation is from the Third Annual ECAR/HP Summer Symposium for Higher Education IT Executives, July 7-9, 2004, in Sedona, Arizona. This …

Future of Scholarly Publishing
July 9, 2004

These presentations are from the Third Annual ECAR/HP Summer Symposium for Higher Education IT Executives, July 7-9, 2004, in Sedona, Arizona. The interactive session was titled, "Future of …

Leveraging IT Infrastructure for HIPAA Training
July 6, 2004

Faced with the challenge of quickly developing, delivering, tracking, and reporting customized HIPAA training for 17,000 workers and students, the University of Minnesota leveraged important piec…

Information Technology Alignment in Higher Education Roadmap
July 1, 2004

This roadmap reports the results of a quantitative survey and qualitative interviews of 464 U.S. and 19 Canadian universities to discover how information technology priorities, plans, resources, …

Supporting E-Learning in Higher Education Roadmap
July 1, 2004

Supporting E-Learning in Higher Education Roadmap is the result of 10 months of collaborative research conducted by ECAR and IDC to learn about evolving student and instructor support requirement…

IT Outsourcing in Higher Education Key Findings
August 19, 2002

This Key Finding provides a summary of IT outsourcing as it applies to colleges and universities. Based on an analysis of responses from nearly 300 colleges and universities and from a database o…