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Next-Level Benchmarking for Higher Education

This new EDUCAUSE benchmarking report service is built on the Core Data Service (CDS) database, but broadens both audience and application. CDS helps CIOs benchmark the staffing, financials, and services of their IT organizations. The EDUCAUSE benchmarking service takes the use of analytics to the next level by helping CIOs and other campus leaders to measure progress on campuswide strategic initiatives.

The service provides capability reports comprised of maturity and deployment indexes for analytics, culture of innovation, e-learning, IT governance, IT risk management, information security, research computing, and student success technologies (see index questions in the Report Topics section at right). Participants gain access to semi-customized benchmarking reports which can be used to 1) assess the organizational capability for initiatives and 2) communicate the value and relevance of information technology.

For a detailed explanation of how the EDUCAUSE Benchmarking Service can help CIOs and other campus leaders measure progress on campus-wide strategic initiatives, read Next-Level Benchmarking: How Do You Measure Up?, an EDUCAUSE Review article.

Next, review a prototype report on student success. Reports like this support an institution's efforts to:

  • Measure the capability to deliver IT services and applications in a given area;
  • Examine multiple dimensions of progress, technical and nontechnical, such as culture, process, expertise, investment, and governance;
  • Enable institutional leaders to determine where they are in delivering a service, and where they aspire to be;
  • Measure the degree to which an institution has deployed the technologies related to delivering a service, based on a standard scale reflecting stages of deployment; and
  • Measure maturity in innovation broadly, reflecting on key elements to help develop and maintain a culture of innovation that supports the use of new technology in support of institutional and student success.


In 2016, ECAR subscribers, ELI members, and additional community groups are beta testing the service to inform development of support services to accompany the capability reports.


Explanation of Beta Access and Benefits

EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) subscribers and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) members have access to the beta service. Only EDUCAUSE, ECAR, or ELI primary representatives are authorized administrators at this time. To assign reviewer access to additional individuals in your organization, select the “Manage Roles” link located on the top right of the portal web page. Contact if you need assistance.

Institution Status Authorized Individual Access Benefit Authorized Topics

ECAR Basic Subscriber

EDUCAUSE primary representative or ECAR primary contact One topic opened per quarter. Access is additive and expires at the end of the year. Q1: Student Success. Q2: IT Governance and Risk Management. Q3: E-learning. Q4: Information Security.

ECAR Premium Subscriber

EDUCAUSE primary representative or ECAR primary contact All active topics in the service, year-round. Includes one (1) one-hour consultation with EDUCAUSE Analytics staff. All topics listed at right.

ELI Member

EDUCAUSE primary representative or ELI primary representative Four topics per year. Analytics, Culture of Innovation, E-learning, Student Success.


Individuals participating in special activities focused on the benchmarking service, e.g., the 2016 ELI Annual Meeting Temporary access to specific topics. As assigned.


Share Feedback to Shape a Better Benchmarking Service for Higher Education

Try the Beta. Tell us what you think.

The service will be tested through June 2016. User feedback during Beta will be used to develop the production version slated for 2017. We are looking for ways to expand the service beyond "self-help" into something that provides a community experience around strategic planning. Share your thoughts on the tool and a service package that would enrich your experience with the service and help us to improve maturity for both IT and innovation broadly.

You can share feedback using the link in the service. We will also contact people who’ve tried out the tool for interviews to collect in-depth comments. Or, you can contact us at


get started

First, know the topics your institution can access by reviewing the benefits table at left. If you are unsure of your institution's ECAR or ELI status, check or create your EDUCAUSE profile.

Next, click on "Go to Service" and accept the Appropriate Use Policy.


Report Topics

View a prototype report.

Click on links to view questions in a topic's deployment or maturity index.


Built on Core Data

The EDUCAUSE Core Data Service is the foundation for the beta benchmarking service. Institutions that chose to complete the optional benchmarking service questions in the annual CDS survey will see their responses automatically imported into the beta service. Learn More about CDS >