Manage Your Membership

Employees of Member Organizations

  • Review your organization's current information in the Member Directory.
  • Create an account or log in to manage your personal information and preferences in the EDUCAUSE database. By keeping your profile up-to-date, you will be alerted to new resources and developments that match your professional interests.

Primary Representatives

  • If you are your organization's primary representative, keep your participating representatives up-to-date. Your designated participating representatives receive copies of EDUCAUSE Review and additional member announcements and alerts on new resources and developments. View your roster and add or change participating representatives. Please keep in mind that everyone associated with your institution is a member and does not need to be added to this roster unless they are being designated as a participating representative.


10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Membership

  1. Take a little time to save a lot of time
    Learn your way around the EDUCAUSE Web site to discover the variety of resources available-best practices, discussion archives, publications, document library, data repositories, political issues, links to individuals and organizations throughout the higher education world, with handy search features to speed you on your way.
  2. Find solutions to everyday work problems and projects
    Make EDUCAUSE your first stop for professional research-pose questions on constituent and discussion group lists, visit the EDUCAUSE Library for existing publications and presentation materials, and view IT benchmarking data in the Core Data Service.
  3. Learn, and shape, the higher education perspective on national issues and trends
    Track federal policy initiatives and current issues and respond to opportunities to make your voice heard.
  4. Stretch yourself professionally
    Build professional networks by connecting with communities of interest and practice through constituent and discussion groups and conferences, and volunteering for association service; develop your professional understanding and visibility by writing for publications and presenting conference sessions.
  5. Think outside the box
    Share your campus accomplishments beyond the walls of your institution: gain recognition and visibility through EDUCAUSE awards, conferences, and publications. Help your professional colleagues build on your efforts by making them known.
  6. Speak up
    Contact information is provided on all EDUCAUSE Web, e-mail, and print materials. If you have a suggestion, complaint, or question, let us know. EDUCAUSE takes pride in its responsiveness to members' needs.

Plus, if you're the Primary Representative for your institution:

  1. Fill your quota of representatives
    As the "point person" for your institution's EDUCAUSE membership, you're entitled to designate a specified number of participating representatives. Be sure all key staff on your campus who need to keep abreast of technology trends receive EDUCAUSE materials-and update that roster annually, or as needed. Review and/or update your organization's roster.
  2. Give your institution a voice
    Complete surveys such as the annual comprehensive Core Data Service and ad hoc surveys that ensure your institution has a voice in shaping the role of IT in higher education, influencing critical issues, and populating key data resources.
  3. Encourage use of and representation in EDUCAUSE services
    As senior managers, most EDUCAUSE primary representatives have influence to make things happen. Encourage submissions about your campus's notable technology accomplishments wherever possible, and let your colleagues know about services they'll find of value.
  4. Vote
    Participate in the annual EDUCAUSE Board of Directors election to help shape EDUCAUSE directions and ensure your interests are represented by people you respect.



Manage Your Experience

Employees of EDUCAUSE member organizations are invited to create individual profiles. Set your preferences to tailor your member experience to your interests.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know that volunteering your time and expertise with EDUCAUSE can both advance your professional development and expand your collegial network?

EDUCAUSE depends on hundreds of volunteers in a variety of ways each year. Member volunteers determine program content for major conferences, advise on association directions in a range of areas, select award recipients, serve as conference session moderators and reviewers of presentation proposals, and contribute their expertise to ad hoc task forces and other focus groups. The time and commitment required for these roles vary greatly, creating opportunities for the busiest professionals to participate. 

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