Training and Certifications

Last reviewed: March 2017

Training and Certifications for Security and Privacy Professionals

Getting Started

1) Review the training and certification options available for information security and privacy professionals (listed below).

2) Visit the Advance Your InfoSec Career page for additional career development resources.

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This list provides a starting point for information security and privacy professionals seeking ongoing training and certification opportunities. The options provided below are vendor-neutral. Note that some training options may require low time/financial investment levels while other options require moderate to significant time/financial investment levels. 

When selecting your training options, consider non-vendor specific sessions designed to do one of the following:

  1. Enhance general understanding of security or privacy concepts.
  2. Enhance general understanding of management or leadership concepts. 

Also consider vendor-specific certifications that may be required as part of your current job duties (e.g., Cisco or Microsoft). Training sessions may help you demonstrate proficiency in a wide range of information security topics or in a particular security domain (e.g., auditing, network security, systems security, risk assessment). 


This list provides a starting point for information security and privacy professionals considering vendor-neutral certifications. Many vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft offer specific certifications for the use of their products. These certifications may be helpful for information security or privacy professionals using those products.

Low Time/Financial Investment Level

Moderate Time/Financial Investment Level

Significant Time/Financial Investment Level

DoD Approved 8570 Baseline Certifications


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