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As an EDUCAUSE member, you have access to vast resources and opportunities that can help you make informed decisions, connect with peers, and advance your knowledge and career. To make it easy, we’ve put together some of the top tools and most popular resources members are using.

If you want to take a deeper dive, you might be interested in exploring the CIO and Senior Technology Leaders Program.


Predict, Plan for, and Act on the Latest Trends | Make Connections
Advance Your Knowledge and Career

Predict, Plan for, and Act on the Latest Trends

  • Keep up on higher education technology trends
  • Develop an institutional digital transformation plan
  • Provide decision support and business intelligence to campus leadership
  • Communicate with campus leaders about the business value of IT
  • Evaluate organizational effectiveness

"IT needs to be ahead of the curve, offering solutions for problems that maybe our faculty, staff, and students don't know exist yet. IT shouldn't be just at the table; in some cases we should be leading the discussion. We should be leading the transformation of education and research and pulling along faculty and students and researchers in improving the way they do their work."

—Sol Bermann, CPO & CISO, University of Michigan, 2020–21 EDUCAUSE IT Issues Panelist


Make Connections

  • Network with other campus leaders
  • Participate in EDUCAUSE mentoring opportunities
  • Share your ideas and expertise with other higher education leaders
  • Join a leadership community to advance digital transformation initiatives
  • Discuss key, timely topics with other members

Network with peers, grow your professional skills, and explore solutions to the issues you face with people you trust through a variety of professional development opportunities.


Advance Your Knowledge and Career

  • Understand some of the most urgent issues facing higher education and get help with guiding your campus forward
  • Offer insights and advice to other technology leaders
  • Attend an EDUCAUSE Institute to grow your leadership skills
  • Understand the evolving role of the CIO

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