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As an EDUCAUSE member, you have access to vast resources and opportunities that can help you make informed decisions, connect with peers, and advance your knowledge and career. To make it easy, we’ve put together some of the top tools and most popular resources members are using.

If you want to take a deeper dive, you might be interested in our Enterprise IT Toolkits.


Predict, Plan for, and Act on the Latest Trends | Make Connections
Advance Your Knowledge and Career

Predict, Plan for, and Act on the Latest Trends

"The University of Chicago used the white paper on IT Service Catalogs to reorganize its service catalog. It allowed us to move forward more quickly and with less internal debate about what belonged in a service catalog and where it fit."

—Mike Fary, Enterprise Data Architect, and Corey Liss, Service Delivery Consultant, The University of Chicago


Make Connections

Network with peers, grow your professional skills, and explore solutions to the issues you face with people you trust through a variety of professional development opportunities.


Advance Your Knowledge and Career

  • Understand some of the most urgent issues facing higher education and get help with guiding your campus forward
  • Present effective practices and share lessons learned with your colleagues
  • Enhance your management and leadership skills
  • Build your skills
  • Keep up on higher education technology trends

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