EDUCAUSE “Don’t Put Me in a Box” Member Orientation

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As an EDUCAUSE member, you have access to a vast collection of tools and resources that help you stay up to date on key issues and trends in higher ed technology, make connections with peers facing similar challenges, and grow in your career. You also receive special pricing on (or free access to) all of our in-person and online events, leadership and management programs, and job postings within the EDUCAUSE Career Center.

Below you will find just some of the key resources and events to get you started.

For tools and resources for a specific role in higher education technology, visit our Membership Orientation page and choose a path that suits your needs and interests.

Content and Communities

  • EDUCAUSE Top 10, Trend Watch Report, and Horizon Reports
    Gain insight into what's important to your peers and where they are focusing in their planning and management activities.

  • EDUCAUSE Showcase Series
    Get a closer look at our popular EDUCAUSE Top 10 and better understand urgent issues identified by the higher ed community each year. For each topic, we’ve gathered the tools and resources you need into one place to help guide your campus forward.

  • EDUCAUSE Review
    Our popular digital flagship publication will keep you up to date on current developments and trends in information technology, how they may affect the college/university as an institution, and what these mean for higher education and society.

  • EDUCAUSE Library
    Search within the world's largest collection of information about higher ed technology.

  • EDUCAUSE Community Groups
    Join one or more EDUCAUSE Community Groups to follow and contribute to online discussions on a wide range of topics and issues facing higher education technology professionals.

"Becoming an engaged member of the Student Success Analytics Community Group was a game-changer when it came to my professional development. I connected with a network of practitioners and scholars who care deeply about their work and who are making substantive contributions to the field. We have published papers, presented, and co-created resources that none of us would have accomplished alone."

Maureen A. Guarcello, PhD, San Diego State University; Director, Program Evaluation, Compliance, and Assessment

2024 Conferences, Events, and Trainings

Event Dates Location Attendees
Learning Labs



A wide range of EDUCAUSE members and nonmembers.

Member QuickTalks



A wide range of EDUCAUSE members.




A wide range of EDUCAUSE members and nonmembers.

Leadership and Management Programs



A wide range of EDUCAUSE members and nonmembers.

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

October 21–24

San Antonio, TX

Over 4,000 technology leaders and professionals across higher education.

“The class guided me to spend time thinking on worthwhile topics, allowed me to meet and connect with peers, and gave me confidence in my knowledge and overall direction.”

Senior Directors Institute Participant

Volunteering and Mentoring

  • EDUCAUSE Mentoring Program
    Become a mentor or mentee to develop (or help others develop) and achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Volunteering Opportunities
    Serve on a committee or advisory board to help guide strategies in various areas of the association, review event proposals to help shape our signature conferences and events, contribute content to EDUCAUSE Review, and more.

“My mentor was able to put me at ease and help me talk through my thoughts. He helped me understand that some things are normal (and that’s the job, too) and provided me with practical tips that I could apply immediately. The greatest "gift" he gave me was helping me shift my perspective to think as a leader, or think about what senior directors would want to know. The way he composed his questions and explained the nuances of what he deals with helped me see that I’m too ‘in the weeds.”

Recent Mentee in the EDUCAUSE Mentoring Program