CG Discussion Archives Frequently Asked Questions

EDUCAUSE has sunsetted the Community Group (CG) postings housed within our previous email list system (postings prior to the fall of 2021).

The previous CG discussion archives were sunsetted on March 31, 2022.

In the fall of 2021, EDUCAUSE launched our new community platform, EDUCAUSE Connect. As part of the transition, we retired our previous Community Group email list system. Retiring the archived discussions housed on our previous system was the last step in that process. Through Connect, you can more easily find and search for topics that have been discussed since the launch of the platform.

While there were a healthy amount of posts archived on our previous email list system, we did not see significant traffic to the archives for quite some time.

No. Discussions that were archived prior to the fall of 2021 were decommissioned and are no longer accessible. Discussions that have been posted to EDUCAUSE Connect since the launch of the platform are still accessible moving forward.

Yes, it was cost and resource prohibitive to secure and maintain the previous email list system and the content housed within it long term. We understand that this may be considered a loss of valuable information for some and are exploring options for preserving the content for historical purposes.