Chief Privacy Officers Community Group (Invite Only)

The Chief Privacy Officers group provides a supportive and collaborative environment for institutional chief privacy officers—and others who may not have that title but who have institution-wide privacy as an assigned job responsibility—to share information and speak freely regarding privacy issues, news, laws, concerns, and best practices affecting higher education. This group is to be accessed by privacy professionals, and its resources are to be used for the benefit of institutional privacy programs. New CPOs are welcome!

The Chief Privacy Officers CG meets on the second Wednesday of every month, 2:00–3:00 p.m. ET. The group’s co-chairs will send an email reminder to the CG list with call-in details and a request for agenda items prior to each monthly meeting. Please note that CG members are responsible for adding these monthly meetings to their calendars.

Note: This group is by invitation only; please see the charter for details about membership. If you are interested in the topic but do not meet the requirements to join this group, please consider subscribing to the Privacy Community Group.

Group Leaders